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Energy Healer Advice

Reader Questions, Answered

Over the years, readers have written in to me with a wide variety of questions about energy healing and also about problems they’re having in their lives, their health or their spiritual paths. A lot of them deal with universal issues such as loss and grieving, or common questions about energy healing and issues that come up while following a spiritual path, so I thought that they would have some general usefulness.

Below are links to a number of those correspondences, lightly edited and with identifiers removed. If an item has a description and a link, it means I have posted it. If it doesn’t, it means it's coming.

(Please note that while I write back to people when I am able, I don't have time to respond to everyone who writes to me.)

Energy Healer Advice: Energy Healing Issues

I've lost the ability to sense energy
An energy healer who has lost the ability to sense energy and also has developed pain in her hands when she does energy work, and wants to know what might be going on.

Protecting The Aura From Negative Energy

A reader who had a frightening experience while his energy field was very open asks how to protect his aura from negative influences.

Clients Who Just Want To Be Fixed

Discussion about the tendency of some relative passive clients who just want you to cure their symptoms, without taking part in the process, and how this rarely effective in the long run.

Working with a natural energy healing gift

Advice to a woman who has realized she has a natural gift for energy healing and wonders where she fits into the energy healing world and how she should cultivate her abilities.

Where Does A New Energy Healer Start?

A reader writes Nancy asking, "I'd like to become an energy healer. Where should I start?"

Am I Clairvoyant?

A young clairvoyant and empath asks "What in the world is this? Where should I go with this?"

Energy Healer Advice: The Spiritual Path

I'm New to the World of Spirituality. Any Advice? A Reader Asks

What does it even mean to be spiritual?

Long-time pain from a premature kundalini opening

A reader asks how to deal with the physical and emotional pain caused by a long-ago premature kundalini experience.

A Young Man Asks About Monogamy and Spirituality

Can a person have more than one intimate relationship and still live a spiritual life?

Energy Healer Advice: Life and Health Problems

Migraine Relief: Are You Listening To The Language of Pain?

An exhausted reader asks Nancy for advice on migraine headache relief.

Dealing With Extreme Vertigo: A Reader’s Question

Some alternative treatment ideas, as well as encouragement to explore whether there’s a deeper dynamic at work.

Sister has cancer
A sister desperately wants her sister to be healed from cancer, but feels she herself does not have the ability to help her.

Can Energy Healing Help Me?

A woman who is miserable and lonely in her life wants to know if energy healing might help her.

Negative Patterns In A Relationship

A wife hopes that energy medicine might be able to help repair and restore her marriage.


A young person feels extremely desolate because of his concern with the suffering of the world and isolated because he is more concerned with spiritual life than his peers.

Empath with a broken heart

How can an empath with a broken heart heal? Advice about healing and managing the heightened openness of the heart chakra.

Young Couple With Sexual Difficulties

My fiancé doesn't get any pleasure making love. Is there a particular chakra I/we should work with, or are there other things we can do?

Help! I’ve Made a Mess of My Life

Advice to a woman who has created a lot of difficulties in her life, and is having trouble moving forward out of grief, anger and shame.

This Noise Is Unbearable!

A reader wonders about the significance of unbearable noise that is driving him crazy.


Please note that I am not a medical professional or mental health professional. The advice I give to readers, like everything else on this website, is not intended as medical or psychological advice. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine or psychiatric care. Whenever you have concerns about your health or mental well being, you should  seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical or mental health practitioner.

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