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I’m Miserable! Can Energy Healing Help?

Reader Question

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I don’t think this will help any more than yoga, stretching, and meditation. But at this point, I feel as if I have nothing to lose. I'm stuck in a job that I need because of finances. I don't trust anyone at work, I dislike most people because I can usually tell that they are lying to me.Therefore, I have no social life, no interest in getting married, if I was even contemplating something so stupid. I dislike my job, boss, most family members, I have no friends, (because I'm soft hearted, & get used & abused) and I am so sick & tired of it. So, if I have no friends, then they can't use me. Besides, my own family does that enough, and they do it well enough to not need any external help.I doubt that you will even respond to this.

Nancy's Answer

I’m assuming the implied question you’re asking is "can energy healing help you?"

I’m sorry that life is so miserable for you. It sounds like you can neither let love in or out. I’m guessing that you experienced emotional trauma or neglect as a child, and that it has caused you to put thick walls up around yourself.

It also sounds like you are ready to change. However, it can be that we are consciously ready to change, and still there is something below the surface that is unready or unwilling. I wonder if that is the case with you. If meditation hasn’t helped at all, then I doubt that energy healing would help you at this point either. It couldn’t hurt, but I suspect that you might not be willing to let it do its work yet.

Still, if you want to try some energy work, I would recommend working with your heart chakra (fourth chakra) and your root chakra (1st chakra).  You can learn a little more about that on my website.

I wonder if having an animal companion might help you get the two-way flow of love’s energy going, unless you are so angry that you might mistreat it. (Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not judging here. Anger has a purpose. It gives us information about when our boundaries are being breached, when we need to change something, and the like.)

I also wonder if finding a way to serve others might be helpful. I’m guessing that would sound counter-intuitive to you, because it appears that you feel that you give and give without receiving. But serving others as a choice might also get the flow of love-energy going for you.  Perhaps volunteering at a no-kill animal shelter? Or something with small children? The idea here is to get the energy moving, instead of locked behind the walls that you have built.

But my main recommendation is to find a way to get some therapy/counseling to help you untie the emotional knots in your life. You say you don’t have a lot of money, so you may need to be creative and resourceful to find it. Many cities have some form of sliding-scale mental health services. Some pastors are good at spiritual guidance/counseling, and that might be helpful, if you feel inclined toward churchish things.

I hope you are able to find some relief from your suffering and create the life you want.

Best wishes,

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