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Use Energy Healing For Your Life

Energy healing isn’t just about fixing what’s wrong. You can also use energy healing for your life. To make things better—build your light body—learn important life lessons—make the most of your life and live it to the fullest.

“Sailboat We think of "healing" as having to do mainly with the body, or in some cases the emotions, too. But energy healing isn’t just for your body or your emotions. It’s for You—all of you. And “You” is more than the sum total of your body, your emotions and your thoughts. Although we don’t usually think of it this way, your entire life is also your Self.

It's an expanded concept of what You is. Take a moment and see if you can shift your perception to this broader awareness. Don’t try to think yourself there; thinking about it is actually a hindrance. Just let your sense of your Self expand, all at once, to include the totality of your life. This expands your energy field immensely, and allows your awareness to experience something closer to your true magnitude. You’re also experiencing yourself as a verb. What a freeing perceptual shift, and what a feeling of exhilaration!

And energy healing often works at the level of this aspect of you—your life—even before it impacts your body.

Energy Healing For Your Life: A Personal Example

I’ll give an example from my own family. Some years ago, my husband, our then-young daughter and I set out for a weekend sailing trip. It was the first weekend in May, a magical time in my opinion, and we were going to camp on a rather magical little island in Puget Sound. The boat was fairly elderly, and this was to be our last outing before putting it up for sale.

For my husband, the only sailor in the family, our little old boat had been a bit frustrating, as the weather patterns of our part of Puget Sound made sailing less than ideal: no wind in the summer when the weather’s nice, and erratic wind in the winter. And this final trip was shaping up to be yet another unsatisfactory experience. It was just not going to work out to sail. Partly because of the winds, and partly because of the busyness of some of the waters we’d be going through, we were going to motor the whole way, a disappointing decision for a sailor to have to make.

As we started our final sailing trip, I did an energy healing for my husband. Nothing was wrong, it was more about calibrating the trip and his experience. We got to the island without incident, and had a truly enchanted time. I was thinking that the energy healing had done its work, but the next day, the real healing began.

When it came time to go, the motor wouldn't start. It had recently been serviced so its misbehavior was a complete mystery. For several hours, we tried everything we could think of, and I believe every man on that little island showed up to give us advice and make Gilligan’s Island jokes. But it wouldn’t start. There was an emergency boat towing service, which we considered, but it was shockingly expensive. And so, we decided to try to sail home. The winds had shifted to our advantage, and someone offered to tow us out to the channel where we would be able to catch them.

And so my husband sailed us all the way home. It was great sailing—-wing on wing. My husband describes it as feeling like the hand of God was shepherding us along. When we realized that at the rate we were going, it would be late into the night when we got home, my husband said a little prayer for more wind, and within 5 minutes it picked up and stayed at the level we needed throughout the rest of our journey. There were some tense moments as we sailed through the ferry-thick waters, but mostly it was thrilling—sailing at its best.

When we finally got back into our home waters, there was one last hurdle to overcome. It was getting dark, we had a malfunctioning light, and sailing back into the marina and into our slip would be immensely challenging, perhaps not even possible without a motor.

About that time, my husband answered his cell phone. The man calling was interested in the boat (and ended up buying it the next day).

Feeling lucky, our daughter and I encouraged one more attempt to start the motor. And….it started right up. We nearly fell out of the boat laughing, and motored into our slip just before dark closed in.

For all of us, but especially for my husband, this was an unambiguous example of energy healing working at the level of your life. My husband was forced into making his last sailing experience a good one. But more than that, it also reaffirmed for us, in an unforgettable, sometimes even comical way, that we are connected to everything, and that the universe, beyond just being neutral or even benign, has our back. It is actively there for us when we ask for help. It was a powerful teaching experience, a reminder to step out into the unknown and trust.

Expand Your Horizons

So if you’ve been thinking of energy healing mainly as something to cure the ills of your body, try expanding your horizons. It can help you:

Here are some ways you can work with the energy of your life:

Often, as in the case of our fateful sailing trip, energy healing works in ways that are so surprising and delightful, so magical, so customized to our personal evolutionary needs, (and sometimes so challenging), that we could never have imagined them.

Expect nothing, but know that the energy may respond with miracles, with humor, with challenges, with tests, with a loud-and-clear call to LIFE.

Namaste, Nancy

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