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How To Manifest:

A Sacred Journey Into The Realm Of Potential

"Come down to me, my beautiful unknown."


The last year or so, I've taken to saying this with as much fervor as I can muster when I wake up.  It's a line from the poem" Song at Daybreak,"  by Jessica Powers.

It helps me be hopeful. Beyond that, it helps me tap into the infinite Realm of Potential.

The Realm (or Field) of Potential is the plane, for lack of a better word, in which all potentials exist. Everything that can be exists there, in some form, waiting to be brought into physical existence.

Is the Realm of Potential "real"? I don't know. I suspect something like this exists, but even if it doesn't it's a useful concept. It reminds me that anything is possible, and for a powerful moment or two, it takes me out of the thought-based approach of looking at likelihood.

That's important, because when our thoughts tell us something isn't likely, it sets up barriers to that thing coming into being. It acts like a pair of glasses that filters out the pathway toward that thing or event coming into being.

So when I embrace the line "Come down to me, my beautiful unknown," I'm allowing the words to immerse me in the glow of the infinite Field of Potential. It's a great way to go into the day.

How To Manifest:  A Wonderful Exercise For Bringing Things From The Realm Of Potential Into Physical Being

Here's a powerful manifestation exercise that works with the Field of Potential. It's adapted from the wonderful book Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman.

  • First, think carefully about something special and meaningful you'd like to bring into being. This is a powerful technique, so don't play around with it. (No fancy cars, flashy jewelry, etc.)
  • Breathe or meditate to put yourself into a state of calm.
  • Imagine a gridwork or web of light around your head. See it extending up into the higher, celestial dimensions, growing finer and more beautiful the higher it goes. With your awareness, travel up this gridwork, leaving the earth plane and entering the realm of Source Energy, where the Field of Infinite Potential is.
  • In this realm, see yourself meeting with the as-yet unmanifested energy of what you want to bring into being. Use your imagination to experience it in detail. In your third eye, picture it, smell it, hear it--as intensely as you can. Make it even more beautiful, more full of light and good. 
  • Now turn it into a symbol if that feels right.
  • Imagine that this unmanifested energy of what you want to create is alive and able to interact with you. Engage with it in whatever way feels right (e.g. speaking, listening, touching, dancing….).  Ask it to manifest in a way that is for the highest good of everyone who will be affected by it.
  • Now let the energy of what you want change into pure particles of light, of the highest vibration possible. From this state, visualize or imagine the light traveling down the grid, crossing from the world of potential into the physical world, your world. Let the particles of light coalesce into a shape and mass (perhaps your symbol).
  • Open your heart to receive these light particles that represent the energy of what it is you would like to manifest.  Receive them with love and radiate them out into  your emotions, your mind, and all your cells. Let them radiate out to fill your whole energy field.
  • Let the light particles radiate out further, into your life. Imagine that the light and your energy are cooperating to easily and harmoniously bring what you want to manifest into your life in its highest form, for the highest good of all who will be affected by it.
  • Now believe that you already have what you want to create. Believe that it already exists. Be ready to receive and recognize it when it arrives. Be ready to create time and space for it.
  • Take some time to explore how you feel.
  • To close, affirm that you already have what you want, and give sincere thanks. Come back to the here and now feeling your new connection to what it is you are desiring to bring into your life.

I hope your day has more than a few "beautiful unknowns" revealed to you.

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