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Depression Self Help

Energy Healing For Feeling Hopeless

This page offers ideas for depression self help from a holistic, energy healing approach. The ideas here are intended to be used as a complement to, not a substitute for, medical and/or psychological treatment.

Relief carving of people in depression and despair
A reader once wrote to me: "My life seems to be going further and further down and I am beginning to lose hope."

I've gone through several major depressions in my life, so my heart really went out to him.

Most of us go through bleak periods at some point. Sometimes it's sadness or part of a mourning process, sometimes it's a long, tough patch in our life, or sometimes it's actually clinical depression.

When we're in these hopeless phases, they can seem all-encompassing. However, there ARE ways to shift the energy and feel better.

What Is Depression, From An Energy Healer's Point of View

Often someone suffering from depression will have a gray appearance, or a dark or ashen cloud of energy around them. Their eyes lack sparkle and depth. Their body may turn inward on itself, with shoulders rounded and a kind of defeated look.

Energetically, what causes depression? You'll find different interpretations of this from different healers and sensitives. Generally, I think the energetic causes of depression fall into the general categories of

  • losing or "leaking" one's own energy or not generating enough of one's own energy
  • being disconnected from energetic sources outside oneself or otherwise not pulling in enough external energy
  • disconnection from parts of the self

More specifically, here are some of the energetic phenomena that I think can contribute to or cause depression and despair. Some of them are related or over-lapping.

  • weak grounding or connection to earth energy or to the earth itself
  • energy leaking from an energetic "wound" or from an over-porous personal energy field
  • being disconnected from life force energies; being energetically sealed off from outside sources of energy;
  • having the energy body disconnected from the physical body
  • cemented beliefs (often unconscious) that continually repress natural energetic patterns or hinder a person from making needed changes
  • long-term carrying of others' pain (can be a particular person/being, a group of people/beings, or humanity/being as a whole)
  • chakra issues, particularly with the 1st and 2nd chakras.

As you can see just from my list, there are plenty of possible energetic causes of depression. And of course, all of these can be precipitated or worsened by circumstances in the outside world, such as trauma or loss, long-term difficulties, chronic physical pain, long-term stress, surgery or injury, certain illnesses, long-term lack of light (SAD disorder), diet and individual genetics.

Depression Self Help Based On Energy Healing

Here's a page with a number of energy healing techniques for depression self help. You can try them for blue moods or mild depression, or as complementary therapy for major depression.

Other Holistic Remedies For Depression Self Help

  • This page provides a variety of holistic, life-style-based activities you can do to shift mild depression or to support other treatments for major depression. Many have been proven to be effective by research and experience.

  • There are more empowering ways to think of depression than as a brain chemistry problem—a theory that even many scientists consider unfounded. Learn ways to re-imagine depression here. To take charge of how you experience your own life and to interpret it in ways that nourish rather than debilitate your spirit—this is powerful medicine.

When Depression Self Help Isn't Enough: See A Doctor Or Therapist If…

Major depression is a serious illness and needs to be treated as such. If you have been feeling hopeless and down for a while, you should see a sensitive and well-trained clinician for evaluation. She or he can help you decide what medical and mental health steps you need and want to take.

Here a list of depression symptoms from the Mayo Clinic.

People inclined toward an alternative health approach often resist conventional, pharmaceutical medications such as anti-depressants. If you're experiencing a major depression, I encourage you not to rule out anything. I suggest that you do what works to help you stop suffering, without any apology for it. Take anti-depressants if you need to. There's no good reason to suffer unnecessarily.

Whether or not you are diagnosed as having a clinical depression, and whatever therapies you decide to use, I also encourage you to try some energy healing approaches.

Reminder For Working With Others Who Are Depressed Or Feeling Hopeless

If you are going to be working with others who are depressed or hopeless, you should learn the signs of a serious depression. If a client show these signs, strongly encourage them to see a doctor or mental health professional. If you have any indication that they are suicidal, your first priority should be to ensure that they see an appropriate mental health professional immediately.

Stay aware that your client may be in a vulnerable state and easily influenced by your actions, words, and even thoughts -- so keep them positive. Scrupulously maintain "unconditional positive regard."

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