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Energy Healing for Depression: Lifting A Heavy Heart

Energy healing for depression can provide a viable alternative for easing  the pervasive, flat, grayness and joylessness of a melancholic mood disorder.

Painting of depressed woman by Edgar Degas

Of course, with major depression, energy healing should only be used as a complementary therapy. Please, please seek professional treatment if you are suffering from major depression. It's a serious illness and should never be ignored or taken lightly.

Energy Healing For Depression: Getting To The Root

You can read about some of the energetic causes of depression on this page. Below you'll find a few energy healing strategies for working with pervasive low moods, a sense of hopelessness, low energy, and lack of joy—all hallmarks of depression.

While depression is complex and every session should be unique, these strategies are going to be useful for most people.

1. Address Weak Grounding  

Weak grounding or connection to earth energy is a major issue for many people experiencing depressive mood disorders. In most cases, using this form of energy healing for depression can help. To strengthen grounding:

  • Support the 1st chakra
  • Ground regularly
  • Using intention, open the chakras on the bottoms of your feet and draw in earth energy
  • Walk, especially barefoot outdoors
  • Spend more time in the natural world
  • Garden
  • Hold the Kidney 1 point (on soles of feet)

2. Address Energy Leaks

Often depressed people are leaking energy, either from an energetic wound or injury, or just from an over-porous field.

Work to support a strong 3rd chakra. This helps to create and maintain healthy personal boundaries, both physical, emotional and energetic.

Also try this exercise for strengthening your energetic boundaries.

Exercise For Strengthening Boundaries

  1. Sit comfortably, spine straight. Ground and center. Allow your breath to slow and deepen. Feel yourself becoming calmer and calmer.
  2. Invite or intend light to come to you. Light/energy is everywhere in the universe and responds to intention.
  3. Use your breath to gather light to you. Imagine that you are breathing in light with each inhalation.
  4. First use the light to amplify your spine's radiance. Visualize, sense or imagine it as a radiant column, growing brighter with each breath. Extend it above and below your physical body.
  5. This is the central channel of your energy field. From here, as you continue to breathe in more light, radiate it outward, filling the rest of your body. Visualize light filling and charging your entire body.
  6. As you continue to breathe in light, expand it beyond the borders of your physical body, filling your aura. Allow the radiance to extend as far as you wish.
  7. When the dimensions of your aura feel right, visualize, sense or imagine your entire energy field growing brighter, more intense, more beautiful with each inhalation.
  8. When it feels intuitively right, stop calling more radiance to yourself. Notice the color of the light. Play with it a bit, in your mind's eye making it a color and intensity that feels beautiful and nourishing to you.
  9. Now imagine your field bordered by a thin, sharply defined edge of light, brighter than the rest of your field. If you can, imagine it in 3-D.
  10. Set the intention that this rim of bright light be a permeable membrane that lets in only the energy that is good for you, and lets out whatever doesn't serve you any longer.
  11. Enjoy the experience for as long as you like, then slowly bring yourself back to ordinary reality. (Wiggling your toes is a good way to do this.)

3. Energy Healing For Depression: Address Energetic Depletion

People who are depressed are often energetically very depleted. They are often both leaking energy through a compromised boundary, and not taking in enough external energy.

Once the boundary of the field strengthened, it's good to address that depletion.

**Grounding is crucial for "filling up the well." Do it often. (See #1, above.)

**Support the second chakra

Second chakra work promotes joy, which is usually completely lacking for someone who's depressed. The second chakra also governs receptivity, so it helps depressed people, who have often closed themselves off from receiving external energy with a hard energetic shell. Here are a few activities to support the second chakra.

**Belly breathe.

Belly breathe or use some of these other breathwork techniques. Breath-work is "good for what ails you." Belly breathing balances your blood chemistry, soothes your nervous system (anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression), balances and smoothes your energy and supports the third chakra -- among a whole host of other things. Do it at least 5 minutes, preferably twice a day.

**Hold the acupressure point Stomach  36: (3 Mile Point)

Located on the outer-front calf, approximately four finger-widths below the bottom of the kneecap and one finger-breadth outside the shinbone, in the depression between the shinbone and the leg muscle. You should be able to feel the muscle flex when you lift your foot off the ground. It relieves depression, balances emotion, and promotes vitality.

**Hold the acupressure point Lung 1 (Letting Go)

Located at the outside of the upper chest, under the shoulder, in the space just below the first rib. To find it, locate the depression below the end of the clavicle. Lung1 is one thumb-width below this and slightly inward (in the first intercostal space). Provides depression help by relieving grief and moving blocked emotions.

4. Reconnect With Lost Parts of Self

Often people who are depressed have repressed some integral part of themselves. They feel grief over this loss, and a sort of "psychic bleeding out" from the wound. Reuniting the self with its lost or repressed parts can heal the wound and the grief.

Here's a centering exercise to help "call the self" home.

Redefining how you think of depression can also help you reclaim your power and re-integrate lost parts of yourself.

Depression is complicated. From an energy healing standpoint, there can be many causes. The energy healing for depression help ideas above are just a few possible approaches. I hope they're valuable to you. And if you or someone you love has to deal with a severe mood disorder, I hope you or they experience healing.

I know from personal experience how much suffering can be involved in depression. I also know from personal experience that it can get easier to cope with over time, and that it's possible to get beyond it, for long stretches of time anyway. (I can't really say permanently until I die, but I actually think I'm over depression permanently.) So there's hope for everyone. And hope is good medicine, too.

Namaste, Nancy

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