Chakra Care

Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing
for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life

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Just like our bodies, our chakras thrive when we nurture them.  Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life gives us the tools for “care and feeding” of these seven sacred energy centers that shape our lives. With this eminently practical guidebook, you can enter the traditionally esoteric world of energy healing with confidence and a sense of creativity and fun.

You won’t find complicated, arcane techniques or procedures here. The book’s 500-plus activities to help your chakras flourish and bloom are down-to-earth, practical and enjoyable.

With Chakra Care’s cheerful, positive coaching and the tools and perspectives it shares, truly anyone can access the wisdom and power of the chakra system. The results can be transformative: wholeness restored at deep levels, unrealized potentials discovered and tapped, a richer and more radiant life.

Nancy Hausauer, author, Chakra Care(c) Dane Gregory Meyer

There are other books on the chakras, and some of them are excellent. The problem is, most of them are too much for most people -- too complicated, too many words, too many esoteric concepts. It's like trying to get a drink of water out of a fire hose!

Chakra Care is a just-right explanation of the chakras for beginners. There are also plenty of fresh ideas and perspectives for more advanced energy healers, too.

What Can Chakra Care Do For You?

Taking care of your chakras can help you

  • Overcome anxiety and manage stress
  • Improve physical health
  • Develop a healthy relationship to abundance
  • Have more pleasure and fun
  • Foster erotic health and fulfillment
  • Enhance your personal power, self-esteem and vitality
  • Reach goals and create the life you want
  • Heal troubled relationships and heartbreak
  • Open to love and form meaningful new relationships
  • Reach new levels of creativity
  • Speak your truth and create a life that expresses your essence
  • Gain wisdom, clarity and intuition
  • Tap hidden potentials and open new doors of perception
  • Gain inner peace
  • Find more meaning and sacredness in your life.

This book will give you over 500 fresh and fun activities to help you reach worthy goals like these, healing, nurturing and supporting your seven chakras so that you can create the life you want.

What’s Inside Chakra Care

In this 18-chapter book, there’s a chapter for each of the 7 chakras. Each chapter contains

  • a clear overview of the chakra,
  • real-life signs spelling out whether the chakra is healthy or not,
  • a checklist to help you diagnose whether the chakra could use healing,
  • and some 70 activities to support the chakra, including suggestions for

    • the physical body
    • home
    • family, friends, community
    • food
    • work/career
    • travel
    • colors
    • scents
    • affirmations
    • and a blessing.

There are also 8 chapters clearly explaining general concepts about energy, energy healing and chakras, two chakra meditations and a hands-on technique for balancing all seven chakras, and five helpful appendices explaining how to do foundational energy healing techniques.

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Are You Ready To Start Creating A More Fulfilling Life For Yourself?

So, are you ready to learn about how you can balance and nurture your chakras and make your life more joyful, loving and fruitful? I think you'll find Chakra Care just the thing you've been looking for to begin or deepen your journey into the magical, body-mind-spirit world of the chakras.

I wish you a wonderful journey.

Namaste, Nancy Hausauer

Kindle ($9.97) or paperback ($13.99)

Or download a free sample chapter

Photo of energy healer Nancy Hausauer(c) Dane Gregory Meyer

About The Author

My name is Nancy Hausauer, and I'm an energy healer and a writer. I've been studying the chakras for over 30 years and doing energy healing for over 25. I'm passionate about helping other folks learn to work with their own energy -- people just like you. And that's what this book is about.

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Link to Readers' Favorite review


This is the best book on chakras that I have found. It simplifies things and doesn't overwhelm with details. I teach a class on the chakras and plan to use it as the class manual. It's easy to read and easy to understand, even for people who are new to the subject. When I showed it to my teaching partner, she said, "This is absolutely great!" — Carol W.


Nancy Hausauer’s Chakra Care eBook is clear, concise and ‘user-friendly.” Each section is simple and concise, yet full of deep information to use. This book has encouraged me to embrace my own ability and confidence to sense energy and use the tools shared to heal my body and mind. I highly recommend Chakra Care! -- Kathryn W.


"This book is THE go to basic primer and advanced guide for balancing one’s life through balancing energy. It has practical and easy to use suggestions for working with the entire body. . .

For the person new to energy work, there are clear concise explanations about how energy works in the body, and how to nurture your own energy. For the more experienced person, there are lots of tips and fresh ideas to achieve and regain balance and optimal health all in one easy source book.

. . . It’s packed with so many ideas and suggestions, I keep it close by and reference it often. I love this book!" -- Laurie B.


Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer
Kindle ($9.97) or paperback ($13.99)

Or download a free sample chapter

More Reviews

I love this book, for it’s depth and practicality! I come back to it time and again for advice, guidance, and practical, positive actions I can take to address issues in my personal life. --Steve A.


Ms. Hausauer invites you into the world of Chakra healing but she doesn’t overwhelm you with jargon and esoteric detail. She has laid it out in an easy-to-follow format that enables you to first be introduced to the Chakra system as a whole and then to focus on each individual chakra. [She] gives the reader many ways to access the energies of the various chakras and to do simple everyday things to balance one’s chakras.

It is eminently useful as a manual. And it is chock full of good information. In a way this is a basic primer for beginners. The information is clear and practical. Yet it will be very useful to anyone already familiar with the Chakra system for the same reasons. --Carrie W.


I have found your book so very helpful and practical. I find myself thinking of the many practical tips you have given regarding balancing my chakras as I move about during the day. Thank you for this user friendly book. I will refer to it often. — Margaret Ann S.