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Chakra Care Contents

What's Inside The Covers

Have you wanted to learn about the chakras but it just seems to be too complicated and esoteric? Wanted to heal, balance, nurture and develop your own chakras but it feels like something you could never learn to do?

This clear, fun book will help you understand your seven wonderful energy centers and start healing and developing them right away. You can do it--It's not as complicated as it may seem!

Chakra Care provides over 500 practical, down-to-earth activities that help you balance and nurture your chakras for a more joyful, loving, fruitful life.

Chakra Care Contents

In addition to a simple, clear explanation of the chakras as a system, each of the seven chakras gets its own chapter. Each chakra chapter has:

  • an overview
  • a handy chart
  • a description of how to tell whether it's healthy or out of balance
  • a list of signs that indicate it would benefit you to work with it
  • and finally, dozens of specific, practical, down-to-earth exercises and techniques that you can use to develop and balance it. For each chakra, you'll find activities in these areas:
    • general activities
    • physical body
    • home
    • family/friends/community
    • food
    • work and career
    • travel
    • colors and scents
    • affirmations
    • and a blessing

Chakra Care also covers basic concepts such as energy, energy anatomy, energy healing, and of course, the chakras, in clear, fresh, accessible language.

In addition, there are five bonus chapters (the appendices) that give clear how-to instructions for

  • grounding
  • centering
  • belly breathing
  • essential oils
  • affirmations

Chakra Care Chapters

Introduction: A Welcome To Energy Healing

What Is Energy?
Energy is everything and everything is energy. Learn about this energy, the life-force that is the basis, source and ongoing sustenance for all things. It's not as esoteric as you think!

I Have An Energy Body? Really? (What’s That?)
Find out about your energy body, your own distinct energy field that has an orderly anatomy, just like your physical body.  Your chakras are one of the core systems of your energy body.

What Are Chakras?
What exactly are these chakras? You'll find a down-to-earth, understandable explanation of these seven energy centers that play such an important role in your health and happiness. If you've had trouble understanding chakras before, you'll get this.

Why Do My Chakras Matter?
Find out how the health of your chakras impacts the health of your body and your life.

How Can I Tell If My Chakra System Is Healthy?
It's easier than you think!

Answering A Few Common Questions About Chakra Imbalances
Chakra imbalances are an opportunity to improve your life, rather than something to worry about, and answers to other good questions.

What Is Energy Healing? (And Can I Really Do It?)
The answer, of course, is yes. It's not mysterious at all.

How Do I Turn Simple Activities Into Chakra-Building Powerhouses?
The answer is simple, and anyone can do it.

First Chakra: Anchoring Yourself

Second Chakra: Getting In The Flow

Third Chakra: Coming From Your Place of Power

Fourth Chakra: Heart Wisdom

Fifth Chakra: Who Are You Really?

Sixth Chakra: The Extraordinary Eye

Seventh Chakra: The Crowning Glory

Your Seven Chakras: A Holistic System
Learn why it's important not to overdo it with any one chakra.

Three Techniques For Balancing Your Chakras As A Whole
Two meditations and a hands-on self-healing that will integrate and balance your whole chakra system.
Some Final Thoughts
Learn why differing interpretations of the chakras are OK.

Bonus Chapters
Appendix 1: How To Ground
Appendix 2: How To Center
Appendix 3: How To Belly Breathe
Appendix 4: How To Use Essential Oils
Appendix 4: How To  Use Affirmations
Further Resources

Are You Ready To Start Learning?

So, are you ready to learn about how you can balance and nurture your chakras and make your life more joyful, loving and fruitful? I think you'll find Chakra Care just the thing you've been looking for to start your journey into the magical, body-mind-spirit world of the chakras.

I wish you a wonderful journey.

Namaste, Nancy Hausauer

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Chakra Care by Nancy Hausauer
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Link to Readers' Favorite review


I have found your book so very helpful and practical. I find myself thinking of the many practical tips you have given regarding balancing my chakras as I move about during the day. Thank you for this user friendly book. I will refer to it often. — Margaret Ann S.


Nancy Hausauer’s Chakra Care eBook is clear, concise and ‘user-friendly.” Each section is simple and concise, yet full of deep information to use. This book has encouraged me to embrace my own ability and confidence to sense energy and use the tools shared to heal my body and mind. I highly recommend Chakra Care! -- Kathryn W.


"This book is THE go to basic primer and advanced guide for balancing one’s life through balancing energy. It has practical and easy to use suggestions for working with the entire body. . .

For the person new to energy work, there are clear concise explanations about how energy works in the body, and how to nurture your own energy. For the more experienced person, there are lots of tips and fresh ideas to achieve and regain balance and optimal health all in one easy source book.

. . . It’s packed with so many ideas and suggestions, I keep it close by and reference it often. I love this book!" -- Laurie B.


I love this book, for it’s depth and practicality! I come back to it time and again for advice, guidance, and practical, positive actions I can take to address issues in my personal life. --Steve A.


Ms. Hausauer invites you into the world of Chakra healing but she doesn’t overwhelm you with jargon and esoteric detail. She has laid it out in an easy-to-follow format that enables you to first be introduced to the Chakra system as a whole and then to focus on each individual chakra. [She] gives the reader many ways to access the energies of the various chakras and to do simple everyday things to balance one’s chakras.

It is eminently useful as a manual. And it is chock full of good information. In a way this is a basic primer for beginners. The information is clear and practical. Yet it will be very useful to anyone already familiar with the Chakra system for the same reasons. --Carrie W.


This is the best book on chakras that I have found. It simplifies things and doesn't overwhelm with details. I teach a class on the chakras and plan to use it as the class manual. It's easy to read and easy to understand, even for people who are new to the subject. When I showed it to my teaching partner, she said, "This is absolutely great!" — Carol W.