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What Is This Mysterious Thing Called Energy Healing?

Energy Heaing in progressPhoto by Dane Gregory Meyer

If you were to see an energy healing in process, it might look like someone slowly moving their hands through the air a few inches to a few feet away from your body. The healer might pause now and then over certain areas, or perhaps sometimes make small gestures with their hands. What are they doing?!

Energy healing—also called energy work, energy medicine, spiritual healing, and laying on of hands--recognizes and works with the beautiful reality of the more subtle aspects of our nature—our energy. This energy has been called by many names, including life force, aura, electro-magnetic field, energy field, subtle energy, vital energy, chi, qi, ki, and prana.

We are pulsing with this life force. It animates us and is the foundation and template for our physical being. Though universal in nature, it takes a unique and beautiful form in each one of us.

Energy healers work with this vital energy to support you in moving toward greater health and well-being.

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Why energy healing matters in today's world.

Energy Work Benefits

Energy work does not operate on a medical model of fixing or curing "what's wrong." It works at a deeper level than that, more on the level of source than symptom.

However, it often does have a clear impact on physical and emotional health and mental functioning. (And there is a growing number of scientific studies documenting this.)

One highly positive aspect of energy work is that there are no risks or side effects. It "does no harm." (This is no small thing, since by some estimates one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. is unintended side effects of conventional medical treatment.)

Probably the most common, immediate, readily identifiable benefit is that it puts most people into a state of deep relaxation. This alone has powerful benefits for health--it allows the body, mind, and emotions to heal and restore themselves. Often this state of relaxation lasts for many days following the treatment.

After a healing, people often feel grounded, "in their bodies," alert, and clear. Recipients usually feel more balanced and calm--lifted above the fray of day-to-day life.

While no reputable healer would promise you specific physical benefits, people often do find that they heal more quickly from illness and injury after having a healing. (I have certainly experienced this personally.) Pain can also be reduced or relieved, making it an effective form of natural pain relief. (Ditto.)

Recipients often have insights into the underlying issues in their lives and relationships, and find that they are able to resolve problems more easily, or that their relationship to a problem changes.

Many people find that managing stress and stressful situations is easier. Many also find that they have more creative energy.

Noticeable benefits may happen immediately, or over a period of time.

There are many more potential benefits to energy work. You can read about them here.

There is a small but growing body of scientific evidence about the efficacy of energy medicine. However, there is much more anecdotal evidence that it has powerful benefits.

Basic Energy Work Principles

Most forms of energy work share some basic assumptions or principles.

For example, most healers define healing more holistically than just "curing" or "fixing" a particular health or emotional issue. Most healers also see illness as starting with disturbances in the energy field.

And most recognize the mind-body connection, knowing that the impact of their work may show up in any aspect of a person--mind, body, emotions, or spirit.

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What It's Not

Reputable energy work is not intended to replace conventional medical or psychological treatment. It is intended to be a complementary therapy. When receiving energy work, you should always continue to seek and follow the advice of your qualified medical or psychological practitioner.

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