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Energy Healing Benefits

Energy healing can sound a little nebulous. Sometimes people want to know, "But what can energy healing DO?"

Hands-on energy healingImage by Dane Gregory Meyer

Energy healing benefits can happen on any level: energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. They can be dramatic, but are often subtle. They can happen immediately, but often show up later, after the healing session is long over.

Often the "results" happen at the level that will provide the most profound benefits. For example, the primary benefit of a healing session (or sessions) might come as an insight or change in attitude that results in a change of behavior that results in a long-lasting improvement in physical health, emotional health, and/or quality of life.

Potential Energy Healing Benefits

In my personal experience as both a giver and receiver of energy work, energy healing benefits can include the following:

  • natural pain relief or reduction (or, especially with regard to chronic pain relief, transformation of relationship to pain)
  • managing stress and coping with stressful situations becomes easier
  • immune system health is improved--you have greater resistance to illness and heal faster from sickness and injury
  • deep relaxation response (with all the attendant physical and psychological benefits that relaxation brings—this is so important!)
  • greater sense of emotional wellness
  • deep sense of peace and calm
  • resolution of or transformation of relationship to problem people or situations
  • release of deep, chronic muscle tension
  • relief of anxiety
  • relief from and improved resistance to chronic mild depression
  • enhanced creativity, creative production, and problem solving
  • enhanced personal insight
  • accelerated person growth and/or spiritual evolution
  • emotional release and healing
  • enhanced mental clarity
  • release of blocked energy
  • chakra healing, balancing, and clearing
  • balancing of energy
  • grounding
  • healing and elevating life experiences
  • support for development of personal essence/path/deepest intentions

I could go on and on—but you get the idea. Energy healing can provide amazing benefits. Although it's not based on the medical model of "fixing" and "curing," it can truly help with physical health issues—I’ve personally experienced and witnessed dramatic examples of it.

However, at its core, it works on a much more profound level. Here's a case history you might enjoy that illustrates this principle.

But--this is important!--reputable energy work is not intended to replace conventional medical or psychological treatment. It is intended to be a complementary therapy. You should always continue to seek and follow the advice of your qualified medical or psychological practitioner.

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