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Boost Your Immune System

Healing From Illness and Injury Through
Energy Healing And The Mind-Body Connection

You can boost your immune system, fighting colds and flu and healing more quickly from injuries through energy work, body-mind work and subtle body-work techniques. The techniques are easy to learn. I'll teach some to you in the links below.
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The immune system is a highly complex network of specialized cells and organs that defend the body against "foreign" invaders. When working properly it fights off infections by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. If it malfunctions, however, it can cause disease, including allergies, arthritis, cancer and AIDS.

(Here are a couple of sources where you can learn more about the amazing immune system: and

The direct connections among our thoughts, our emotions and our immune system have been well documented by science. What we think and what we tell ourselves can either support or undermine our health. Because the immune system is so sensitive to thoughts, emotions, and subtle energies, energy healing can be an extremely useful tool in supporting wellness, fighting illnesses and speeding healing.

An Energetic Perspective on Illness and Injury

From an energetic perspective, illness and injury start from a disturbance in your personal energy field. For example, I have had the experience of receiving an emotional wound, feeling my field rupture, and then feeling an all-too-familiar illness - pneumonia -- enter my field. A healthy, intact energy field is thus the first line of defense -- prevention.

A second line of defense is using energy work to heal the illness by returning the energy field to a state of balance, harmony and integrity. (Of course, if you have a serious illness, you should always see a medical doctor, too, as I did with the pneumonia.)

Energy Healing and Mind Body Techniques
To Boost Your Immune System

Here are some easy-to-learn things that you can do for yourself to prevent or heal minor illnesses, to heal more quickly from injuries, or to give yourself further support (in addition to conventional medical care) if you have a major illness.

However, please do seek the care of a qualified medical practitioner if you have anything beyond a minor illness such as a cold. Illnesses such as pneumonia can be life-threatening, as can some skin infections, and many other illnesses that can start out with mild symptoms. So if you’re not sure whether an illness is "serious" or not, please err on the side of caution, and call your doctor!

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