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Energy Healing for Injuries

Creative Visualization to Relieve Pain and Trauma

This technique of energy healing for injuries should definitely be in every family’s “first-aid” kit.  Because no matter how careful you are, bumps, bruises, scrapes and cuts are going to happen.

I wish I’d known this technique when my daughter was little!

Energy Healing for Injury Relief

This technique is very simple. The creative visualization shifts the energy of your field, helping to keep the emotional impact of the injury from worsening the pain. (Fear and anger often add considerable suffering to the physical pain caused by the injury.) Besides helping to reduce pain, this can also speed healing.

As soon as possible after the injury that is causing you pain, replay the event in your mind, but without the injury happening. Make the images in your mind as clear and distinct as possible. You should visualize the process without the injury over and over, at least twelve times. The pain will begin to lessen.

For example, recently I reached into a drawer in my kitchen and sliced my finger deeply on the cutting edge of a cling wrap box. It hurt like the dickens.

After I hopped around the kitchen yelping for a minute or so, I deliberately slowed and deepened my breathing, and replayed the scene in my mind without the part where I sliced myself.

In my mind, I visualized reaching into the drawer and grabbing what I needed, closing the drawer and going on about my business—without cutting myself. I did this over and over, and shortly the pain began to subside.

The cut also healed quickly, considering its depth.

More Energy Healing for Injuries

Other techniques to try include:

  • smoothing the field over the injury
  • supporting the first chakra
  • re-weaving the field over the injured area with the Celtic weave or another weaving type technique
  • using acupressure on the Stomach 36 point, to stimulate immune response
  • visualizing the injured area healthy and whole
  • doing relaxation techniques. Relaxing allows your energy to normalize and your immune system to work at peak effectiveness to repair the physical damage.

See the page about Holistic Energy Healing for details about how to do these techniques.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should also kiss owies, apply physical first aid, and/or seek medical care as appropriate.<p>

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