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Holistic Energy Healing
Techniques to Relieve Pain

Pain is a funny beast. No one seems to really know quite what it is, or what causes it, or why it comes and goes for some people, and persists for other. It's a mystery.

Nancy Hausauer doing energy work(c) Dane Gregory Meyer
Holistic therapies like energy healing can often help relieve physical pain. There's no downside, either. You can't hurt anyone with energy healing.

Following are three simple holistic energy healing techniques for getting the energy to balance and flow. But there are a couple of things you should do before you dive into specific techniques.

Preparing for Energy Healing

Ground and Center

With all holistic energy healing, begin by grounding and centering. There are various ways to do this, but doing some quiet belly breathing, quieting your mind and being very present will work just fine.


After you've gotten grounded and present, it's a good idea to see if you can sense what's currently going on in the energy field. Hold your hand in your (or your client's) energy field, moving it over the whole body. Notice how the energy feels in general, and notice anywhere that the energy feels different. Move your hand slowly back and forth through the area above the problem area on your (or your client's) body to see how it feels. This is called "scanning."

You can often feel a difference in the energy over painful areas in the body. It may feel hot, spiky, dense, painful, throbbing, tingly, or just different than other areas of the field. It is often dense, excessive, and “stuck.”

3 Holistic Energy Healing Techniques For Relieving Pain

The Siphoning Technique

You can siphon the energy of the discomfort off, draining it away and out into the earth.

To do this, put your left palm in the field above the affected area, and your right hand pointing toward the ground.

Imagine/feel that you are drawing the energy of the pain up into your left hand and out your right hand, into the earth.

You may need to hold this position for a while (up to 5 minutes). You can open and close your right hand to help “pump” the pain-causing energy out, speeding the process up.

When you feel the flow of energy slowing down, or when you feel relief, put your right hand in the field above the affected area, and your left hand pointing toward the sky. Visualize pure white light entering your left hand, traveling to your right arm and hand, and filling the area you've cleared.

The Clearing and Balancing Technique

Alternatively, circle your left hand counterclockwise in the field over the area that hurts, for up to about five minutes. This will clear excess energy. Then, reverse the motion, circling your right hand clockwise over the hurting area, re-balancing the area you’ve just cleared. (For most people, the right hand is the "sending" hand, and the left hand is the "receiving" hand.)

The Smoothing Technique

An even simpler holistic energy healing technique is just to hold your hand, palm-down, in the field over the affected area, for up to about five minutes. You can move your hand back and forth in a smoothing motion if you wish -- like smoothing the fur of a cat.

This usually feels very soothing.

Of course, if your discomfort is intense, or if it persists, you should seek qualified medical attention.

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