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Grounding To The Earth's Nourishing Energy: A How-To

Ferns unfurling: earth energy

Grounding, also called earthing, is one of the foundational skills of energy healing. It simply means to connect your energy to that of the earth. It’s literally “being down to earth,” in the best possible sense.

Connecting your energy to our beautiful planet's helps you orient yourself energetically to the earth, instead of something external. This is important, because external things aren’t stable. The earth, by contrast, is stable, neutral and nourishing to our personal energy field.

Being grounded helps you feel more secure and stable, allows you to release excess energy to the earth and allows you to bring the earth’s nourishing, stabilizing energy into your personal field.

When you are solidly connected to the earth, you can more easily be centered in your own body. You’ll feel calmer, clearer and more energized. Feeling more balanced, you’ll be harder to knock off your stride. You’ll also be less likely to deplete your own energy, since you’ll have access to the boundless energy of the earth.

There are many ways to plug into to the earth's energy, and when you get used to it, you’ll be able to do it just by intending it. But in the meantime, here’s a method you can use.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable, where you won’t be disturbed. Sit with your spine straight.

  • Imagine roots extending down from the soles of your feet or your pelvis. Imagine them pressing into the earth and sinking deep into it.

  • Feel your connection to the earth. It’s a strong, unshakeable connection. Allow yourself some time to sense the earth’s energy.

  • Allow these roots to drain off any excess or unwanted energy in you—any tension, any fear or worry, any anger or bad feelings toward anyone or anything—into the earth, where it’s neutralized. Give this some time.

  • Then allow the beautiful, calming and nourishing energy of the earth to be drawn up through the roots. Allow it to flow up through your legs, your pelvis, your torso, branching at your shoulders and running down your arms and out your fingertips.

  • Allow the earth’s energy to continue up through your neck, into your head and your face. You can either contain it and circulate it through your body, or allow it to stream out your fingers and the top of your head and fall back down to the ground. Allow it to nourish your body and help you feel revitalized, refreshed and calm. Take a few moments to enjoy this feeling.

  • When you’re ready, open your eyes and return to the here and now.

Shorter Ways To Ground

  • walk
  • eat nourishing food
  • touch the earth
  • feel the soles of your feet connecting to the earth
  • stand barefoot outdoors
  • widen the chakras on the bottoms of your feet to let in more earth energy

It's good for you, so take a moment and do it often!

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