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Types of Energy Healing

Finding the Right One for You

There many types of energy healing -- I can't possibly list them all here. My goal here is to give very brief overviews of some of the more widely known kinds.

If you'd like general advice about choosing a healer, you can find that here.

Types of Energy Healing


Acupuncture and acupressure are part of an ancient and sophisticated system of therapies based on a non-Western model of the body. They work to balance chi/ki/qi as it flows through the body's meridian system.

You can get a brief overview of acupuncture here.

Brennan Healing Science®

Barbara Brennan is a well-known author and teacher of energy medicine with a well-established school in Florida. Learn more about Brennan Healing Science here .

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is a general term for energy healing that works with the chakra system. The chakras are a key part of our energy system, so many types of energy healing incorporate some form of chakra work. You can learn about chakras and chakra healing and balancing in my book, Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life, which I wrote to help people understand and work with their own chakras.

Chakra Care has over 500 down-to-earth activities and exercises that you can use to balance, nurture and heal your own chakras. It’s practical and readable.

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is one of the world's most widely respected healers and a pioneer in bringing the methods of energy medicine to the public. Learn more about Donna Eden's very accessible form of energy healing here.


EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques®, is one of the easily learned, meridian-based types of energy healing. It combines needle-free acupuncture with mind-body medicine. Learn more about Emotional Freedom Techniques® here.

Energy-Focused Bodywork

The body is often overlooked as part of the energy system. However, everything is energy, and this means that the body is energy, too. All bodywork (massage) has an impact on your energy, but some kinds are intentional about it. Lomi lomi, Trager, shiatsu, and cranio-sacral therapy are examples of some that consciously work with subtle energy.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch (HT) came out of the licensed nursing community in the U.S. in the 1980s. There are many HT practitioners in the U.S., and the well-developed HT community holds them to high standards. Learn more here.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is a broad term that can apply to any act or mode of healing that uses intuition to help guide the healing process or treatment. While the term is usually used for energy healers and other holistic healers, I think it can be applied just as accurately to many conventional medical practitioners. A medical doctor may practice evidence-based medicine, but that doesn't rule out the judicious use of intuition as well! Learn more about intuitive healing as used in energy healing here.

Laura Alden Kamm

Laura Alden Kamm is an expert in intuition, intuitive development, and using intuition for healing. Learn more about Laura Alden Kamm here.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy, developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981), is based upon the energetic principles of attraction, repulsion and neutrality. Like many types of energy work, Polarity Therapy seeks to find blockages, release energy to normal flow patterns and maintain the bio-energetic field in an open, flexible state. PT can involve diet, exercise and self-awareness as well as energy-based bodywork that works with three main currents of energy. Learn more about Polarity Therapy here.

Pranic Healing

Developed and taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, this kind of energy work uses prana or life energy to cure physical ailments. Its basic principle seem to be cleansing the body of "dirty" energy and replacing it with prana. Learn more here.

Quantum Touch®

Quantum Touch has a special focus on using the practitioner's breath to intensify the treatment. Practitioners cultivate their own energy and entrain the client's energy to this higher (healthier) level. Learn more about Quantum Touch here.


Perhaps the most widely known form of energy work, Reiki is easy to learn and do, but can have powerful effects. Learn more about Reiki here.

Restorative Touch™

Restorative Touch™ is a unique and powerful form of energy work that works on a resonance model to "support health, healing, and spiritual evolution." Practitioners are highly trained and held to high standards via strict certification and licensing processes. Learn more about Restorative Touch™ here. (Full disclosure: My own work is highly influenced by Restorative Touch™.)

Restorative Touch™ is a trademark and service mark owned by the Vibrational Health Institute.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healers conduct energy from the spiritual realm, calling upon spiritual helpers such as power animals or other spiritual forces. Shamanic work is used to treat a range of emotional and physical illnesses.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is closely related to energy healing. Learn more about it, how to know when you're in the midst of a spiritual healing event, and when to seek out help.


The ThetaHealing website describes this technique as focusing on thought and prayer, relying on God/Source to do the actual healing. As described by practitioner Donald Simon, the practitioner goes into a theta brain wave state (deep meditative), asks for assistance from God (or Source) and then witnesses the healing. ThetaHealing holds that instantaneous physical and emotional shifts are possible. Learn more here.

More Kinds of Energy Healing

Click on the links below to see what other types of energy healing people are practicing. These descriptions were submitted by readers. You can see from them what an amazing range of options there are!

TIME Heals 
What is TIME©? TIME© stands for Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy©. This is a healing method that was channeled by the Archangels and a collective …

LEAP® (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Programme) 
LEAP® (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) is an energy kinesiology method developed by Charles T. Krebs, Ph.D. It has been in continual development …

Touch for Health® Kinesiology 
Touch for Health® Kinesiology was founded in 1973 by John F. Thie, D.C., an American chiropractor. He was a member of the original team of chiropractors …

Crystal therapy healing 
In Crystal therapy, the patient is receiving reiki while using crystals to amplify the light into the body. Removing and releasing blockages and surfacing …

Theta healing  
I heal people suffering with long time illness and health issues with help of spiritual healing(theta healing).some health issues may take a bit more time …

This was my mother's practice up to the late 1980's. Using intuition to locate and visualize problem parts of the body and mind. Then, per the 'feel' …

Akashic Acupuncture 
Akashic Acupuncture, developed by Linda Joy Stone, OMD, combines an Akashic reading followed by acupuncture. The reading taps into the Yang energy of …

Energy Touch® Healing 
EnergyTouch® Healing was developed by Tricia Eldridge in 1999 and is distinctive in the field of energy healing in that the work takes place in the more …

Multidimensional Awakening 
What is Multidimensional Awakening? Multidimensional Awakening is a hands-on modality that involves deep sustained bodywork to specific pressure points …

Intrinsic Touch Energy 
Intrinsic Touch Energy is a process that allows us to spontaneously enter into a deeper space of conscious awareness that tunes into the vibratory dimensions …

Dolphin HealingWorks 
Utilizing an integrative flowing style of energy balancing and re-distribution, this form of bodywork is based on pranayama, light and deep massage, and …

Quantum healing 
With the energy from God and the universe I locate the pain because I'm am an empath. As I establish if the client believes in the higher powers,I have …

Light (specifically the energy waves of colour)is what energizes cell systems of all living things on this planet. In 1981 Dr Marta Fenyo (Budapest Hungary) …

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) 
Be Set Free Fast was developed by Dr. Larry Nims, a psychologist and was a student of Roger Callahan. Other Students of Roger Callahan are Gary Craig who …

Iliaster is a new quantum leap in healing, and in human evolution. This modality has been recieved from a Indian Master Padmasambhava in the Clear Light …

Akashic Field Therapy  
Akashic Field Therapy (AFT) s a practical application of a scientific theory released in 2004 by Ervin Laszlo, PhD. AFT is a way to gain access to the …

Life Alignment 
In this healing session we create a space for you to Relax and tap into your inner Self where deep healing can actually take place. How you feel is important …

Shuddhikaran Kriya 
This technique is created & developed by Shamsing Rajput. In this technique it is taught to go into alpha & theta level & ask for any wish. It is 100% …

Bioquantum Energy Healing 
BIOQUANTUM ENERGY HEALING is highly efficient method for alleviating and eliminating all kinds of diseases, injuries, pain and distress. Energy procedures …

Faradarmani is part of an Iranian mystical school of thought called Interuniversalism.

CinergE for Animals 
The Building Blocks of CinergE include energy balancing, utilizing muscle testing,Reiki and animal communication. Cindy Brody is the founder of CinergE …

Total WellNES System (NES Health) 
The Total WellNES System restores health at its source by correcting the body's bio-field and information, which, after more than 30 years of scientific …

The Emotion Code 
Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, used in conjunction with applied kinesiology, helps to find trapped emotions or negative energy stuck …

Arcing Light, Shuddhikaran Kriya, Intuitive Healing with Spirit Energy 
Arcing Light is a high vibration, loving, feminine energy that is powerful, yet gentle, that promotes calmness and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. …

Huna, Directional Healing and Prana Violet Healing 
Directional Healing is a systematic, multi-dimensional approach to healing the physical and inner bodies through vibration. It does not attempt to diagnose …

Violet Flame Healing, Deigadda Energy Works, Neuro-energy Transmission Therapy, Angelic Healing 
In this healing we take assistance from angels, archangels, and spiritual masters for the healing. We call upon these masters and we are covered in a violet …

Energy Awareness 
This isn't necessarily healing, just my awareness of energy. I see lights (the color of lightning), like dancing sparks, especially against a bright sky. …

Jin Shin Acutouch, Forensic Healing and Life Alignment Technique 
"Compassionate Spirit penetrating through touch" describes Jin Shin Acutouch, the touch which stimulates the energy to flow in the channels of the body. …

Intercessory Prayer, NeuroModulation Technique and Biocell Therapy 
This may be one of the oldest known ways, but it's still around, and I didn't see it on the list! I practice intercessory prayer for my family and friends …

jJin Shin Jyutsu, Gaia-Now, Reconnective Healing, Geo-pathic Stress Healing, Sacred Healing Light 
The Gaia-Now Transformational Healing and Personal Development Modality uses a new revolutionary healing model which is based upon the concept of seven …

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