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Natural Pain Relief

Energy Healing You Can Use

Energy healing can be a remarkably effective way to achieve natural pain relief. In my private practice, I often have people come to me who have been living with chronic pain for years. They've tried every remedy that they can think of, but nothing has helped.

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Pain tells us that something is not right with us, physically and energetically. Of course, especially with acute conditions, there almost always is a physical cause. But there is always an energetic component as well, especially if it has stuck around for a long time.

Often, it is caused or worsened by blocked or congested energy, or by energy that has gotten stuck following an emotional or physical trauma. This energy can stay stuck and cause problems for years.

Pain is also frequently made worse by the emotions we pile on top of it: usually fear or anxiety, sometimes anger or sadness.

Pain can be a mysterious, elusive, complex beast, but energy healing can often help, working at all levels of causation. There are even techniques that you can learn easily and use at home.

By the way, it goes almost without saying that sometimes you really need to check symptoms out with a medical doctor. I thought this was a good discussion of when to see your doc.

Simple Solutions To Feeling Better

But first, remember that pain "hurts" more when we are tired or stressed, so be sure that you to get enough rest, and take steps to relax and reduce or manage stress. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle walk, listening to some music, or talking to a dear friend to help us feel better. Simple solutions can often be very powerful.

General Energy Healing Tools For Natural Pain Relief

But sometimes we need more help than just a walk or talking with a friend. Here are links to pages that will teach you some very valuable energy healing techniques for relieving or managing pain. They all are easy to learn, and anyone can do them.

Learn three energy healing techniques here.

Learn a key acupressure point here.

Learn to use the power of your own breath here.

Learn four holistic healing approaches to chronic pain relief.

Techniques For Relieving Specific Kinds Of Pain

And here are links to pages that will teach you energy healing methods to help with specific kinds of pain. Learn how to:


In my own practice, I have seen people get up from the treatment table completely relieved of suffering that has made them miserable for years. I hope that these energy healing techniques for natural pain relief make you feel better, too.

However, please do use good judgment in deciding when your discomfort warrants the attention of a medical doctor, and always follow up to find the root cause of the problem. Energy healing is meant to complement, not replace conventional medicine.

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