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Energy Healing for Creativity:

5 Fresh Ways to Rev Up Your Creativity and Clear Creative Block

Who wants to be more creative?

“Painting I don’t know anyone who’d say no to that.

We think of creativity as being the special province of artists, but in reality it’s important no matter what line of work you’re in. Planning dinner, putting together an outfit, designing a garden, decorating a house, reorganizing a filing system, remodeling a home, making a spreadsheet, solving any problem whatsoever--all these require creativity. It's really the basis of so much of what we all do in life. We all need it.

And energy healing can help. It's not just for healing your body when you're sick. Energy healing is for enhancing your life in all kinds of ways.

Work with the 5th Chakra and 2nd Chakra to Enhance Creativity

When I’m working with clients who want to enhance their inspiration, imagination, inventiveness and originality, who are working on a creative project or who are experiencing writer’s block (or artist’s block), I pay special attention to the second and fifth chakras, the chakras most related to creativity.

Here are links for some easy and fun ways to clear and balance them:

Ten Down-to-Earth Ways to Clear and Balance Your Fifth Chakra.

Ten Down-to-Earth Ways to Clear and Balance Your Second Chakra

You can find more suggestions in my book, Chakra Care, but the ideas on the website pages above are plenty to get you started. Remember that setting a strong, clear, precise intention is the key.

Left-Right Balancing, Another Creativity Booster

Balancing left and right aspects—body, field, brain hemispheres—also supports creativity, inspiration, inventiveness and problem-solving. The Celtic Weave is a great general technique for left-right balancing.

And since most of us are overly reliant on the left hemisphere of our brain, supporting the right brain hemisphere is also usually a good balancer and creativity stimulator. You’ll find lots of fun exercises at the “right brain hemisphere” link just above.

Binaural Beats — Theta Brain Waves — to Stimulate Creative Juices

A final creativity-boosting tip is brain-wave technology. Theta waves are the signature brain-wave pattern of the creative process.

Audio recordings that embed theta waves behind other sound tracks can entrain your brain into a state of heightened creativity. I’ve used them when writing poetry, and I can tell you from personal experience that they really work.

There are a lot of companies that produce recordings using brain-wave technology, also called hemi-synch or binaural beats. My favorite is The Relaxation Company. I've also found passable apps for my phone for a minimal cost.

Creativity is fun and juicy and life-supporting and evolutionary. I wish you boatloads of it! — Nancy

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Do you have energy healing for creativity techniques, or other methods that you use to boost your inspiration, imagination and inventiveness? You can share them below.

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