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Do Your Beliefs Support Freedom and Expansion?

--by Nancy Hausauer

Poster, Emotional suffering alerts us

Beliefs are energy forms that can propel us forward or hold us back. How can we work with this energetic phenomenon to make our lives freer, larger, richer and more conscious?

Let's start with a not-uncommon situation.

Say Mark and Sally are talking at a party. Sally replies gruffly to something Mark says, mutters and turns away. Soon after, she leaves. Mark starts wondering if he offended her. He ruminates. Before the evening is over, he's miserable, convinced she thinks he's a worm and wondering if maybe he IS.

But it's not the only conclusion he could have drawn. Maybe she had a headache, had a rough day or … But Mark chose a conclusion that caused him suffering.

Most of us have done some variation on this. Why do we do it?

An Energetic Interpretation

The answer, I think, is that there are hidden forces that herd us toward these suffering-generating conclusions.

Those forces are beliefs, many of which we aren't conscious of, probably created when we were children. Self-generated suffering is a red alert to such unconscious, adverse beliefs, examples of which might be "I'm unworthy of love," "I'm powerless," and the like.

What Are Beliefs? An Energy Perspective

Beliefs are a form of energy--real things that are literal force fields in our lives.

Any time we can achieve more consciousness about those forces--especially when they're hidden, causing us suffering or limiting our potential--we gain power and control over our lives.

We also expand our lives. Because beliefs create containers for our life experiences. Containers aren't necessarily a bad thing. They can act as tools for concentrating and directing energy. Think deadlines or river banks.

But they can also limit us in negative ways, restricting movement, potential and growth. Think cages or outgrown clothing.

We want to be sure that our beliefs support freedom and expansion, that the containers they create act as concentrating tools rather than shackles. We want to CHOOSE beliefs that empower us and release those that don't. How do we do this?

Because beliefs are energy forms, it takes energy to expose them and disperse them. Questions--also a form of energy--work well for this.

Questions To Expose and Disperse Underlying Beliefs

Here are some subterranean-belief-busting questions to ask yourself whenever you notice you've generated suffering for yourself:

  • Is there another conclusion that can be drawn? (It's often helpful to get an outside perspective on this.)

  • What underlying belief might be steering me toward this unnecessary, suffering-causing conclusion?

If you can't see what the belief might be, try reverse-engineering it with questions like:

  • What hidden belief might cause someone to come up with a conclusion like that?

  • If I were looking at another person in my situation, what beliefs might I surmise were at the root of this dynamic?

Therapists can help with this process, but sometimes consciousness alone is enough.

Wishing you more consciousness, less suffering--Nancy

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One Simple Step To Restore Calm And Focus

--by Nancy Hausauer


Most of us feel frazzled, distracted or scattered sometimes. Here's a one-step process for restoring calm and focus.

Simply do this: Bring your awareness into your body.

A hectic day at work makes most of us want to return to our homes. We know home is where we can center and regroup. Our bodies are the earthly home for our energy, and returning our awareness (which is energy) back to the physical body operates the same way.

Sometimes our energy is flying all around. It's in the past, it's in the future, it's all over the place. You probably know the feeling. But if we bring our attention to our body, our energy comes together. It consolidates and focuses.

Our Bodies Are In The Present

When our awareness/energy is in our body, it's also in the present, because our bodies are very much in the now. The present is almost always the place of least suffering and most calm. It's also the place of creativity, power and connection to higher wisdom, intuition and inspiration.

Obviously, the present is THE place to be!

Technique For Bringing Your Awareness Into Your Body

So how do you bring your awareness to your body? There are a kajillion ways, but here's one to try.

  • In a comfortable seated position, shut your eyes.

  • Bring your awareness to your feet. Just sense your feet and notice what you notice. Many people feel a kind of tingling or alive sensation when they do this. (This is your energy!) Hang out here for a while. If you're short on time, you can stop here, taking some belly breaths until you feel yourself calming down and your energy becoming grounded and centered.

  • If you have more time, bring your awareness up your legs and throughout your entire body. Again, stop and enjoy this feeling for a while, taking some deep belly breaths as you do. Especially check in with any places that feel contracted and allow your awareness to rest there compassionately for a while.

  • If you want to keep going, you can expand your awareness to your subtle energy field as well. (Remembering that your field is three-dimensional.)

You probably shouldn't do this while driving, but except for that you can do this pretty much any time and any place to bring more calm and focus to your day.

Wishing you peace, Nancy

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Focus Your Attention On The Positive

Quote about keeping your attention positive

How To Grow The Magic Of Desire: Lessons from the Garden

--by Nancy Hausauer


I love the Celtic holiday of Beltane. Coming May 1, it marks the beginning of the beginning of summer.

Traditionally, people observed rituals to promote fertility. Makes sense. This time of year, the animals are getting frisky and the plants are starting their long journey toward bearing fruit.

So in honor of the season, let me ask you:

  • What in your life are you "feeling frisky" about--a magnetic attraction, a quickening of the pulse, a stirring of eagerness? What are you longing for, craving, yearning, hungering for? What are you DESIRING?
  • What can you do and what are you willing to do to make your life a fertile garden for that desire--to help that desire bear fruit?

What Is Desire?

Let's talk about desire, especially your heart-felt, soul-deep desires.

Do you know where the word "desire" comes from? (It only started meaning "lust" in the 14th century.) It comes from the Latin phrase "de-sidere," meaning "from the stars." In other words, your deepest desires come from the stars. They are SACRED, like seeds from heaven.

These star-seeds that are your heart-felt passions and desires deserve to be honored and tended. NEED to be honored and tended so the evolutionary principle, the intelligence, the love, the MAGIC they hold within them can be born.

Growing The Magic Of Desire

Here are some ideas to honor and tend your Desires.

  • First, do you know what your deepest desires are? If you're not sure--sometimes we lose touch with them--pay attention to what you're curious about. Those tendrils of interest are clues to passions that are hiding or growing in you.
  • Are you giving your Desires what they need to become? If not, can you stop being OK with denying yourself what your heart longs for? Can you give it a toe-hold in your life, a chance to sprout?
  • Create more space in your daily life for your Desire. Literal space, and also calendar space. Clear out the old, remove debris, release what doesn't light you up. You've got to have some land to plant your star-seed in. Got to make the time to tend.
  • The seed's evolutionary urge to sprout and bear fruit is strong and tenacious, but you can't just stick seeds into any gnarly old patch of dirt and expect them to flourish.

    The evolutionary force within your Desire is powerful, too, but like real seeds, it does so much better when we create a fertile environment for it. Gardeners call that amending the soil, and we use all kinds of yummy stuff like compost, manure and bone meal. What inner and outer amendments would help your Desire really thrive?

  • Make a commitment. Actually put that seed in the ground!
  • Now, trust the evolutionary magic at the core of all true, deep desires.

CHOOSE your passion, take RESPONSIBILITY for your joy--every day.

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Is The Healing All On You? (Nope. So Relax)

--by Nancy Hausauer

By Thomas Quine (A heavy load) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Healing Touch founder Janet Mentgen was famous for her maxim to "Just do the work." Like many energy healers, I love this sage advice and find it very centering.

But another helpful tool, especially if you're feeling unsure or anxious during or prior to a session is to ask yourself:

Who's doing the work?

Often if we're feeling anxiety or self-doubt about our energy healing work, it's because we're imagining that the weight and responsibility of it is all on our shoulders. That's a very heavy load! It makes a session less creative and fun. It also makes it harder to do our best work.

And it's truly not necessary to feel that burden.

Here's what I think. When we do energy healing, it's more accurate to look at it like this:

The work is being done:

  • 1/3 by the practitioner
  • 1/3 by the receiver
  • 1/3 by Source/Energy/the Universe/whatever you call it.

OK, yes, I pulled those figures out of the blue. Maybe it's one quarter, one quarter and one half. I don't really know. But my point's still valid. You're not responsible for the whole burden of "the work."

So whenever you find yourself anxious about a session or fretting about its outcome, my advice is to remind yourself that the healing isn't all up to you.

  • Expect some form of participation from your clients!

  • And more importantly, open yourself to the flow of energy that comes from beyond you, a greater source of intelligence, love and healing than you can ever muster on your lonesome. How do you do this? By being fully present in the moment and non-attached to the exact form of the outcomes.

You'll have more fun. You'll feel more energized after each session. And you'll do much better, deeper work.

Love, Nancy

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Need A Little Boost For Your Spirits? Here You Go!

--by Nancy Hausauer

Image of white tulips

March 20 is the Equinox: Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern. On the Equinoxes, day and night, light and dark, are equal. They're moments of balance and equipoise. I like to imagine them as single instants when we're poised, motionless, in absolute peace.

As with each of the great annual solar events, the Equinoxes offer us wisdom and an opportunity for healing. In particular, they are celestial reminders to pause in our lives and take time for reflection.

This Equinox, I offer the following as something profound (and perhaps surprising) to reflect upon. I guarantee it'll lift your morale.

A Self-Discovery Exercise And Reflection

DON'T READ AHEAD! Complete each item before moving on to the next.

  1. Get two pieces of paper and a pencil. On one page, list 10 people you admire, heroes living or dead, people famous or familiar. Leave some space under each name.
  2. Under each person, List 5 or 6 traits or qualities that you especially admire or honor about them. Really give your best effort to articulating what characteristics in particular you admire about them. You don't have to list unique traits for each one; it's OK if there's repetition.
  3. When you're done, read through all the traits. Adjust as needed. Then circle any characteristics that show up more than once on the page.
  4. Take the second piece of paper. Draw a heavy line three inches down from the top. Below this line, list all the words you circled.

    Don't Read Ahead!

  5. OK, got all that? When you're completely done, in bold letters, write above the line at the top of the page:


  6. This exercise works because you admire traits in other people that resonate with you. They resonate with you because you already possess those traits. It's like a tuning fork.

    Reflect on this portrait of yourself for a while. Sit with it. Absorb it. Contemplate it. Breathe it in. Accept it.

  7. It can be hard to accept that you are all that. But it's true. You really are.

As the saying goes, "You are the one you've been waiting for." Your job: to let it flower.

Happy Equinox! --Nancy

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Empathic Crisis and How To Handle It

--by Nancy Hausauer

Heart energy being depleted

If you're interested in energy healing, it's likely you're an empath--someone who's highly sensitive, with the strong ability to feel the emotion of others. It's a form of intuition. Empaths usually center their energy in the heart chakra.

Empaths In Crisis

Empaths often have huge reserves of strength and stamina, so they can go for years lavishly giving their energy to others. But over time it usually catches up with them. They become increasingly overloaded and depleted from the oceans of emotion they process each day. For many empaths, this overload and depletion eventually reaches a crisis point.

An empath in crisis may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, and/or emotionally volatile. They may experience health problems. Eventually, they realize they can't continue living in the same way:

  • feeling responsible for other people's happiness and well-being

  • feeling other peoples' feelings as a default way of functioning

  • generally feeling so much, so intensely .

They realize that something has to transform.

Responding To Empathic Crisis

So what's an empath in crisis to do? Here are some ideas:

  • Find someone to help you learn to manage your gift, preferably someone who's successfully navigated the empathic crisis process.

  • Work with a counselor to help you learn to set personal boundaries.

  • Repeat a mantra such as "I am not responsible for other peoples' happiness or well-being."

  • Develop an "off switch" for your intuition. Remind yourself as often as needed that being a good person doesn't require that you feel other peoples' feelings.

  • Learn to recognize depletion when it first starts and change your behavior. Avoid people and situations that "drain your batteries."

  • Take as much alone time as you need to recharge.

  • Support and develop your third chakra to help you set boundaries and maintain your own identity and goals.

  • Practice pulling your energy back to yourself and keeping it contained within yourself. (Chances are most people will never notice!) Here's a centering exercise to help you do that.

  • Once you've centered your energy, visualize pulling your heart energy inward toward your spine. This helps protect, balance, align and ground your heart energy. (Thanks to a client for this idea!)

  • Practice focusing more of your energy in your sixth chakra . This allows you to still feel compassion while providing distance and perspective so that you don't actually absorb other peoples' energy into your own energy field. Here's a method for doing that (#1 on the list).

When you're able to manage your beautiful gift of empathy--learning to use it selectively and to value your own wellbeing equally with others'--you'll feel much better. Not only will you be more stable, you'll have more energy for your own life journey.

Start envisioning: how will you use this newly freed energy?

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