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Are You An Empath? Here's A Self-Healing For You

--by Nancy Hausauer

Hands forming heart shape

Recently, a client who is an extreme empath was telling me how a close friend's problems were bringing her (my client) down emotionally.

We talked a bit about how, from an energetic standpoint, this indicated that she was letting the energy of her friend's suffering into her own energy field, including her physical body. She realized she could actually feel it in her body as a kind of heaviness.

Around that point, I received an image of my client holding the suffering of her friend in her hands. From there, an energetic exercise/self-healing sprang into my mind. I think it could be helpful for other empaths as well.

Returning Suffering To Its Rightful Owner: An Exercise To Help Empaths

If you feel you've taken on someone else's suffering:

  1. Sit comfortably with your hands palms up and resting comfortably in your lap.

  2. Feel, envision or imagine the suffering you've taken on from someone else, wherever it is in your energy field and/or physical body. It may be in one place, or it may be diffuse.

  3. If it's diffuse, use intention to consolidate the energy into one distinct entity (or imagine that you're doing so). It may be a particular shape or thing, or it may just be a lump. Doesn't matter.

  4. Again using intention or imagination, place the object that represents the suffering in your open hands.

  5. Imagine that the "owner" of the suffering is in front of you.

  6. With love and kindness, return the suffering to them. You can imagine handing it to them, or you can actually stretch your physical hands out toward them.

  7. At their highest level, they know the suffering belongs to them alone. Imagine them accepting it. Imagine yourself letting it go with as little emotional charge as if you were returning a borrowed book or sweater. What they do with it is their business, not yours.

  8. If it feels like there's any residue of their energy left in your hands, you can release it: shake your hands off, wash your hands in cool water, or whatever works for you.

  9. Take a moment to notice how you feel. Do you feel any different?

I encourage you to start scanning your body and field any time you have encountered the suffering of others, especially those you're close to. If you notice that you have taken on their suffering--indicated by any feelings of sadness, anxiety, heaviness, etc. that are not specifically related to your own life--try the exercise above.

I hope this is helpful.--Nancy

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If You Can Sing (And Even If You Can't) You Can Do Energy Healing

--by Nancy Hausauer

If you've read my work at all, you know that I believe that EVERYONE can do energy healing to one degree or another. In the popular imagination, it's something that only a gifted few can do, but I just don't believe that's so.

Girl singing, Jean-Étienne Liotard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To me, energy healing is a lot like singing.

Most people can sing. It's true, some people have a special gift, say a broad vocal range, an especially beautiful voice or mad musicality.

But nearly everyone (except for a few people with specific issues) can sing to some degree. Maybe not well, but they can do it. And anyone who can sing can get better at it, with practice and training.

That's a lot like energy healing. It's an inborn, natural thing. If you have any compassion or love or positive intentions toward others, you can do it. And if you practice and study a bit and learn from others, you can get better at it.

As with singing, not everyone is going to want to do it professionally. Not everyone cares enough about it to put in the effort to get really good at it. Nothing wrong with that.

But as part of everyday life—in the car, in the shower, to their kids, with friends and family—most people enjoy a little singing. It so natural, and it makes life better!

And the same is true of energy healing. Whether you work energy healing into your life just for yourself, or whether you do a little energy work for friends, family, spaces or situations, it's easy and fun and beneficial for you as well as for whomever or whatever receives it.

So whoever you are, I encourage you to do energy healing. It doesn't have to be a big deal — you can just send light to someone you love, send good intentions to someone you know is struggling, even just smile at a stranger. Like singing, it's just a natural thing.

Wishing you music and light, Nancy

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Harvesting The Lessons Of Late Summer

--by Nancy Hausauer

van Gogh painting Cypress with Wheat Fields

Like every season, late summer has specific wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. This season of heat and harvest teaches us how to stay in right relationship and balance with work.

At this time of year, the insects and animals are busy, busy, busy, gathering and storing food for the winter. We humans also begin to harvest early crops. It's a season of extremely hard work, but also of community and celebration, as we literally reap and enjoy the fruits of our earlier labors.

In those periods of our life (or our day) when work is foremost, late summer teaches us:

  • To work with joy, love and purpose, so that our labors nourish instead of deplete our energies.
  • To know our limits and take on big tasks in community.
  • To celebrate the fruits of our labors.

Here are some ideas to help you absorb these important lessons about work:

  • Think about something in your life, past or present, that you worked hard to achieve, either alone or in community. Take time to savor it and appreciate yourself for your efforts. Acknowledge your power to make your own dreams come true. What else would you like to make a reality? (Think big.)
  • Take 15 minutes to watch honeybees at work. They have much to teach us.
  • "Work is love made visible," Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet. What love do you express through your work?
  • Bake bread or savor one or more fruits or vegetables of late summer. Eat it mindfully, aware of the various components that brought it to your table: the sun's energy, the earth's nourishment, the magic of the plant, the grower's labor… In your own work, what/who else beyond your own efforts helps you reach your goals?
  • Take some time to reflect on your work. Is it rewarding? Are you having fun? Does it bring you satisfaction? If not, can you make changes? What is the deeper mission of your work? How can you bring this forward each day?
  • Do some activities to support your 3rd chakra.
  • Get inspired to do great work. Watch "Find Your Great Work" (8-minutes) (
  • Celebrate both harvest and community by hosting a potluck with seasonal foods, including something you've grown yourself. No garden? Resolve to grow at least one thing next year.

May your work bring you joy and fruitfulness. — Nancy

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Embrace Your Broken Places

--by Nancy Hausauer

Embrace the broken places in your life and breathe the light in through them. Then breathe the light back out for the benefit of other people.

Embrace the broken places in your life and breathe the light in through them. Then breathe the light back out for the benefit of other people.

Tools For Practicing The Essential Art Of Consciousness Shifting

--by Nancy Hausauer

For most of us, moving our awareness from the reality model that we use for everyday life to the reality model that we use when we're doing energy healing is a profound switch. Because of this, what I call "consciousness-shifting" is an important skill for energy healers.

Hubble Telescope image of earth from space

The dominant cultural view of reality is, to put it simply, that only physical matter is truly real. The energy healing framework for reality, in contrast, is that there are subtle, invisible forces that shape us, and that what we truly are can never be reduced to mere cellular processes or interactions of matter.

Is it absolutely necessary for energy healers to be able to make this shift? Maybe not. But it's certainly helpful. And liberating. And fortunately, like most skills, it gets easier as we practice it.

There are many ways to practice and build this skill. For me, images from space are often particularly helpful. My personal reality is very firmly based on this beautiful planet. Anything that moves my focus out beyond Earth's atmosphere really messes with my head--in a good way. It expands and increases the flexibility of my awareness/consciousness.

So I wanted to share this amazing resource with you. Created by American Museum of Natural History astrophysicists, "The Known Universe" shows the universe as mapped through astronomical observations. It is accurate as to scale and location, to the best current scientific knowledge.

And here's another amazing resource that helps us visualize the micro-level, the inner life of a cell. It's also breathtakingly beautiful and astounding, challenging us to re-orient to reality as we experience it in our daily lives.

Both of these animations also make me profoundly grateful to exist.

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How to Help Skeptical Clients Embrace Energy Healing

--by Nancy Hausauer

Faces in profile, It's all GOOD>

Sometimes new clients tell me upfront that they aren't entirely comfortable with the idea of energy healing. I even have clients who've been coming to me for years who periodically confess that they "have a hard time with the whole energy thing." They enjoy receiving it, but it makes them uneasy if they get their mind involved and think about it.

It doesn't bother me that they feel this way. It took me years to come to complete acceptance of energy healing, so I get it. Energy healing challenges some of the most basic assumptions of our culture. The dissonance between what people have been acculturated to believe is "real" and what they experience in an energy healing session can be unsettling, to say the least.

Here are some of the ways I handle it when clients can't quite embrace energy healing with their intellects.

1. First, I reassure them that it's OK, even good, to be skeptical. They don't have to swallow it hook, line and sinker. Instead, I encourage them to remain present and open to what they actually experience, both during and after a session, and to try some "sideways" and "halfway" approaches.

For example, to make the experience of energy healing less mentally challenging, I encourage them to think of it in a metaphoric or symbolic way, rather than as an absolute reality. We're very used to using metaphors and symbols to talk about complex things, without requiring them to be "true," so this works for many people.

2. People having trouble with mental resistance to energy healing can also view it as just an alternative way of thinking about the world. Most people have experienced how a fresh perspective on a familiar issue or problem can yield new insights and solutions, so this approach can also help people set aside their resistance and skepticism.

3. A third way to reframe it can be to think of energy healing as something more ordinary than extraordinary, using forces and principles that we experience every day, even if they are below the level of consciousness. I point out that if they've ever gotten a "gut feeling" or felt the "vibe" of a person, group or place, they've felt subtle energy, and if they've ever cheered up a distressed friend with a hug, they've done an energy healing. In energy healing, these forces and principles are just used consciously and amplified. Normalizing like this often helps a lot.

If none of these approaches works, I encourage people to park their disbelief at the door, just for the duration of the session, in a spirit of curiosity, light-heartedness and exploration. They can pick their skepticism up on the way out if they still want to!



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How To Soar Out Of Negativity By Catching Energetic Updrafts

--by Nancy Hausauer

Soaring bird

In a recent session, a client was in a bit of a funk. She was wondering how to shift her energy to something more positive. Together, we came up with what felt like a very powerful image. (I love these collaborative sessions.)

The image was of "catching an updraft"--like a bird using an upward current of air, spiraling higher and higher, gaining altitude with minimal effort.

Mostly, we're more familiar with "down-drafts"--the spirals of negative energy that carry moods and life-events further and further down.

But there are energetic updrafts, too, and in our lives, most of us have experienced those as well. They are the energetic analog of the ascending columns of air that carry birds effortlessly higher. Similarly, these energetic spirals lift us up--out of bad moods, doldrums or runs of "bad luck."

You don't have to wait around for luck to bring you an updraft--you can consciously catch and ride them. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Consciously Catching Updrafts: Some Ideas

  • Take a moment to think of things in your life--experiences, thoughts, activities, places--that are like updrafts, or perhaps more accurately, that create updrafts. They lift your spirits, bringing you joy, vitality and a more positive outlook. They're like pressing a "re-set" button on your mood.

  • There are people who are like updrafts, too. Positive, fun, affirming, uplifting. You may experience them in person, or in books or videos. Spend more time with them. (Be sure that if you are interacting with them in person that you reciprocate the positive energy you get from them in some way.)

  • Get out your calendar right now and schedule time for "updraft" experiences and people. Be conscious of wanting to soar on the positive energy you are bringing into your life.

  • You can also use your imagination to get yourself into updraft mode. Close your eyes and visualize being a bird catching an "ascending column of air." Take a deep breath and release yourself to the experience. Feel the lift under your wings, the support of the rising air. Feel a joyful sense of soaring, spiraling higher and higher with almost no effort. Here's a video to help you imagine this.

    This is a 6th-chakra experience. From this soaring panorama, can you see anything helpful that you've been missing from an earth-bound perspective? In the stillness of high altitude, can you hear your inner voice of wisdom more clearly?

  • If you're currently in an energetic downdraft, do this visualization several times a day.

Updrafts are real. Catch one today!

Warmly, Nancy

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Why And How To Cultivate The Indispensable Power Of Hope

--by Nancy Hausauer

Candle flame, symbolizing hope

Hope is essential.

Without hope, our energy starts shutting down, and we close our energetic access to the realm of potential.

On a practical level, we stop trying. We stop looking for solutions. We sit and wait for "the inevitable." Whether we're talking about a personal problem or a global one, that's deadly.

Rethinking Hope

Hope is not the same as blind optimism. There is room for hope, even in the direst of circumstances. Here are some eminent thinkers on the subject:

"…hope is not about what we expect. It is an embrace of the essential unknowability of the world, of the breaks with the present, the surprises. Or perhaps studying the record more carefully leads us to expect miracles - not when and where we expect them, but to expect to be astonished, to expect that we don't know. And this is grounds to act."

― Rebecca Solnit, Hope In The Dark

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up."

--Anne Lamott

"When it is raining, we think that there is no sunshine. But if we fly high in an airplane and go through the clouds, we rediscover the sunshine again. We see that the sunshine is always there."

--Thich Nhat Hanh

Nurturing The Flame Of Hope

So, nurturing and cultivating hope is vitally important. I encourage you and me and all of us to make keeping hope alive an every-day practice. Here are a few ideas:

  • Seek out hopeful people, books and movies.
  • Develop a daily ritual to nourish hope.
  • Every time you light a candle, dedicate the act to kindling hope in yourself and in the world.
  • Create an altar as a visual prayer for and a nourisher of hope.
  • Think of and share examples from your life or from history when discouraging situations turned around.
  • Create something--anything--and allow it to remind you of the boundless creative potential of the universe.
  • Make a point of doing things that lift your spirits and avoiding things that don't.
  • Cultivate a habit of looking for things that are going right. You can do this without blinding yourself to the challenges.
  • Don't allow your energy to get depleted. Take good care of yourself, spiritually and physically.
  • Take some time every day to visualize the world or your life the way you want it to be.
  • Make the world better for someone, anyone. Even just refrain from being crabby for a day.

Wishing you hope, Nancy

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Use the Season of Summer to Feed Your Energy Field

--by Nancy Hausauer

First raspberry

Summer officially starts June 21.* Like every season, Summer has its particular wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. One of its important lessons is about absorbing, savoring and appreciating:

  • absorbing light
  • savoring sweetness
  • appreciating beauty.

It's easy to get caught up in life's hustle and bustle, marching through the wonders of our world unconsciously,so busy or so lost in thought that we forget how quickly summers fly by, flowers fade, children grow up.

Some moments are perfect: sweet, warm and beautiful, like a lazy, rose-scented afternoon. Summer reminds us to be fully present for these moments. They feed our energy fields, making them strong and vibrant and helping to keep them from becoming depleted during leaner and more challenging times.

Feed Your Field

This summer (and all year long), be an apprentice to the wisdom of the season. Drink deeply of the things that feed your soul. Whenever you encounter light, beauty, sweetness and joy, bring them fully into your body and your energy field.

Here are a few ideas for doing that:

  • Take a single ripe berry and really enjoy all its sensory qualities.

  • Devote a whole day to enjoying a particular sense.

  • Meditate on a flower, noticing as many things about it as you can.

  • Watch a whole sunset or sunrise.

  • Lie down on a blanket and marvel at the starry sky.

  • Take a morning or afternoon off and do nothing. (No TV or electronics.)

  • Cook a meal that epitomizes summer. Share it to multiply the enjoyment.

  • Enjoy just breathing.

A Poem That Says It All

This excerpt from Mary Oliver's poem "A Summer's Day" captures the kind of radical presence and savoring I'm talking about:

… I don't know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?


Have a beautiful, nourishing summer.

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*(Of course, it's Winter Solstice for those in the Southern hemisphere.)

You Are Magic

--by Nancy Hausauer

As an energy healer, you are so much more than the sum of your techniques.

As an energy healer, as in any area of your life, you are so much more than the sum of your techniques.

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