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Space Clearing

Clearing Your Office (Or Any Other Space)
From the Energetic Residues of Energy Healing

Nancy Hausauer's Energy Healing Treatment Space

Space clearing is important after doing energy healing. In a session, people often release energy, and while it often dissipates on its own, it's just good practice to clear the room -- just like you give a guest fresh sheets, no matter whether the last guest seemed dirty or not! 

There are a gazillion ways to clear your space, and no one right way. Everyone should develop some techniques and routines that work for them. If you do energy work in your home, rather than in an office, that goes double.

Ideas for Space Clearing

In case you need some ideas to get you started, here are a few. After each session (choose one or a combination):
  1. If you've got a window, open it. Even a crack will do.
  2. If the session has been especially intense, open the window and use your hands to "sweep" the energy from the room out the open window.
  3. If you don't have a window, create an energetic one!
  4. Sound a bell, chime, singing bowl or gong.
  5. Spray saltwater or a light, uplifting essential oil blend (mixed in water) into the air. Citrus e.os. work well for me.
  6. Play a CD with nature sounds. (I love The Relaxation Company's. Very high quality.)
  7. If the room is dimly lit, turn up the lights as high as possible.
  8. Use an aromatic plant ally to "cool-smudge" the room (i.e. smudge without the plant bundle being lit -- safer and less lung-irritating that way). I usually use rosemary, but use whatever works for you.
  9. Light a beeswax candle.
  10. Chant or tone.
  11. Pray and/or offer the energy of the session to whatever divine principle it is that you recognize.
  12. Visualize your room filled with light and/or color. Expand the light/color until it fills the room. Continue expanding it until it is a size and shape that feels good to you.

Deep Cleaning Your Treatment Space

As often as you feel you need to, energetically "deep clean" your treatment space. There are many ways to do this. I usually "sweep" the whole room energetically, paying special attention to anyplace two planes meet (i.e. a corner). This is because energy can tend to stick in corners. Sound is a good way to get it moving again, including using vocal toning, singing bowls, rattles, and clapping. I usually spend some time specifically clearing my treatment table, too.

General Ideas for Keeping The Energy of Your Space Clear

And here are some general ideas for your keeping your treatment room or other spaces clear:

  1. Keep a live plant in the room to absorb extra energy.

  2. Keep a crystal or stone in the room that absorbs excess energy. I like hematite, but use whatever works for you.

  3. If you use music or sound during your treatments, make sure that it is of a very high vibration. No generic "massage music." Nature sounds are great. This helps to keep the energy in your space highly calibrated, so debris or residue from others doesn't hang around.

  4. Keep your space uncluttered. If you've got a lot of stuff that you love and just have to display in your space, rotate it. This helps to keep your space physically and energetically clean -- fewer places for energy to stick.

  5. Do, however, make sure you have some objects in your treatment space that are meaningful and/or beautiful to you. (Just don't cram the room with them). This helps to ground the energy of the room to you, making it more likely that the energy of others will dissipate on its own. (I would not, however, keep pictures of loved ones in my treatment room.)

  6. Take care of yourself energetically. Get energy healings when you need them. This will help move any "non-you" energy out of your space.

  7. If your office is in your home, and you're having trouble with energy residue from the healings slipping into your living space, develop a ritual or technique to create and maintain a strong container for your treatment space.

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