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Art As Energy Healing

The Energetic Benefits of Contemplating Art

Every culture has its art forms. Making and appreciating art is a universal human trait, it seems.

Taj Majal: Harmony and Balance
As my artist husband said recently, "Art makes me remember why I'm alive."

Art As Energy Healing

I believe art has strong energetic properties, healing us and calling us to a higher vibration. Great art (even good art) usually has the elements of harmony, rhythm and balance -- just like our energy does when it's healthy and thriving. Art, I believe, works with the principle of entrainment to bring our energy closer to that ideal.

People are usually called to specific genres of art, just as they are called to specific forms of healing. You may be healed and uplifted by opera, for example, while for me it's bluegrass. You may respond to realism in painting or literature, while I resonate to impressionism in visual arts and magical realism in literature.

While no two people respond even to the same piece in the same way, there ARE pieces of art that seem to have an almost universal aesthetic and energetic appeal, such as the Taj Mahal and the great cathedrals of Europe, which were specifically designed to create feelings of elevation and awe. (I.e, they were DESIGNED to have an energetic impact.)

Do Particular Pieces of Art Have Particular Energetic Benefits?

I was watching one of my favorite movies lately -- the British film Enchanted April -- and it struck me that it was a perfect movie for supporting the second chakra.

This led me to thinking about how particular works of art have an impact on particular aspects of our energy anatomy. I've been too busy to give much more thought to it, but I was wondering if you, dear readers, could come up with movies, literature, visual art, architecture, theatre, music, dance, or other art forms that you feel support particular chakras or other aspects of the human energy system.

Surround Yourself with Art

Art is a wonderful way to care for your own energy. I really encourage you to notice what art feeds your energy. Then seek it out, surround yourself with it (doesn't have to be expensive -- could be your second grader's drawing or a picture that you took on vacation), and take the time to let it heal and elevate you.

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