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Natural Headache Relief  With Energy Healing

And Other Holistic Remedies

Natural headache relief IS possible, assuming it's an everyday, garden-variety type. (See the bottom of this page for a list of dangerous signs that shout "call a doctor now!")

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Natural Headache Relief Techniques

Below are energy healing techniques and other natural home remedies you can try to soothe your aching head. I use them myself and have found all of them to be useful.

Ridiculously Simple Home Remedies

Some headaches have causes that are very easy to remedy. For example, both dehydration and abrupt caffeine withdrawal can be triggers -- so have a glass of water and make sure you didn't skip your morning cup of java before you move on to more involved remedies.

Dietary Triggers

Even though this concept isn't in the sphere of energy healing, I wanted to include it because it can be so helpful.

You may want to get the book Heal Your Headache: the 1-2-3 Program by David Buchholz, MD.

This specialist believes that nearly all headaches are migraine phenomena, caused by dilation of the blood vessels in the head and neck, and that they can be significantly helped by a program that includes avoiding dietary triggers and "quick-fix" pain medications.

Personally, the concept of "migraine dietary triggers" changed my life. I suffered migraines for years, thinking they were sinus headaches. When I was diagnosed properly and educated about the various food triggers for migraines, I was able to almost completely control them without drugs. Pretty cool!

These dietary triggers can include caffeine, chocolate, MSG, processed meats, aged cheeses, nuts, alcohol (esp. red wine) and non-clear vinegars, certain fruits including citrus fruits and bananas, onions, fresh yeast-risen baked goods and aspartame.

This is definitely an avenue to pursue if you have migraines -- or any type of headaches at all, according to Dr. Buchholz. Keeping a food log for a month to see which triggers affect you can be extremely helpful.

Here's a website that can give you more information about dietary triggers for migraine.

Some Questions That May Be Valuable

Often with severe chronic pain, there may be underlying emotional, life-style or energetic issues. If you suffer from ongoing headaches, it's possible that your body is asking for change in the language of pain. Read Nancy's response to a reader asking for advice about dealing with severe migraine.

Warning! Red Flags: See Your Doctor Immediately!

The following symptoms are signs of potentially serious, even life-threatening health problems. Please call your medical doctor immediately if a headache:

  • is extremely intense (i.e. it feels like the worst head pain of your life)
  • comes on very suddenly and severely (like a "thunderclap")
  • is accompanied by mental confusion
  • is accompanied by unusual symptoms such as passing out, loss of vision, or difficulty walking or speaking
  • is accompanied by a high fever (over 100 degrees F) and/or stiff neck
  • is a new kind for you and you are over 50
  • was preceded by head trauma
  • or if you have a family history of brain aneurysms.

I hope these pages help you find some natural headache relief.

However -- these pages are meant to provide home-care techniques for every-day pain. They are not meant to replace the advice and care of a medical doctor. Please call your medical doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

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