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Please Heal My Sister

Reader Question:

Can you help my sister? She has cancer and I know this will help her. She is the only thing I have left and I need her to make it. I am a feeler but don't have the power to do what she needs. Please help her!! God knows she has suffered and she needs something good to happen.

Nancy’s Answer

Painting, Melancholy by Edgar Degas

I have prayed for your sister’s highest good and sent her light. I have done the same for you. As you may know, I never specify the outcome when I do that, because healing can come in many, many forms. It is not up to us to specify or dictate what is the highest good for another person.

I hope that you will change your thinking and believe that you can do energy healing for your sister. Everyone can do energy healing, and your sensitivity and your love for her will take you a long way in being able to bring her comfort.

Just send her light and pray for her highest good. Try to be a calming influence for her, and help her relax. Believe that you are both surrounded and supported by a sea of love. This is good for the energy and can often help reduce the sense of suffering. Repeat to yourself, over and over, "All is well," or some other comforting phrase, knowing that on the macro- or cosmic level, it is.

I know it is hard, but you must also understand that death can be a healing. On an energetic level, you must not try to hold her back if that is her path. (I am speaking generally here; I have no sense or intuition of whether that is actually her path at this time.)  As the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says, there is always grace hiding under a seemingly negative event, and the potential for spiritual flowering is enormous when we face mortality—our own or others.

You are also suffering greatly and you must care for yourself with great tenderness. Please reach out to others for help, comfort and community. Ground often and surround yourself with light. Read my website page for empaths, and practice the Shield of Light technique you will find there.

I believe that both you and your sister are very good people. I send you love and light and wish you both strength and comfort.

With love,

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