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What Does This Unbearable Noise Mean?

A Reader Asks For Advice

Reader Question:

Unbearable white noise graphic
Hi Nancy. There is a tremendous amount of White Noise where I live. This noise is unbearable. Any insights as to which of my chakras this intolerable situation might indicate are blocked?? Thank You.

Nancy’s Answer

Issues having to do with hearing are associated with the 5th (throat) chakra, so working with it could be useful and interesting. I think of white noise as blocking out other sounds, so it does make sense that your situation could be a manifestation of a 5th chakra blockage, or to put it more positively, it could be providing you an opportunity to work with your throat chakra.

Also, it may be a call to further develop your 3rd chakra, which is the chakra of personal agency and power. Perhaps, by being presented with this difficult situation, you are being called upon to exercise and strengthen your 3rd chakra by figuring out a way to take control of the situation, create change and re-locate to a more congenial home.

Another way of approaching it (at least until you can change your situation) might be to practice non-resistance to it, which would call upon and develop your seventh chakra. Set aside some time every day in which you sit calmly and just notice where in your body you are contracting in response to the unbearable noise. Breathe into those contracted places and stay open, without trying to change anything. Out of simple presence, amazing things can arise.

If it were me, I would work on all three levels.

I would also incorporate as many stress reduction techniques as possible into my daily life. Most things are more bearable when we are in a state of greater relaxation.

It is also interesting to me that you have capitalized White Noise, almost as if it is an entity unto itself. I wonder what kind of information working with the energy of the White Noise might bring you.

You describe it as unbearable, so there is obviously some powerful energetic process at work, and whenever there is a powerful energetic process at work, there is much to be gained if we are willing to explore it.

Best of luck and I hope your situation improves soon.

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