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I Need Help Protecting My Aura From Negative Energy

Reader Question:

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I need advice on protecting my aura from negative energy. Last weekend I was taking a dowsing class. We walked passed many old mine shafts where many miners lost their lives.  As we walked over a high bridge, I experienced a very strong inner voice saying “Jump, Jump”. I believed that because my aura was open during the dowsing training, miners’ spirits who had passed on but still on Earth had tuned-in into my aura and were relaying negative messages. Can you please suggest how I can protect my aura when I am dowsing in non-beneficial energy areas and also how I can ground myself. I would also appreciate any other advice in this regard.

Nancy’s Answer

What a scary experience! Many people have questions about protecting their aura or energy field from outside influences, so I think your question will be of interest to a lot of folks. Even when the negative energy isn't as dramatic as it was in your experience, it's still important to have some tools and techniques for aura cleansing and shoring up your energetic boundaries.

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and centering are essential for maintaining personal energetic integrity. Here's a classic method for grounding:

  • From the soles of your feet, or from your 1st chakra region, send roots down deep in to the earth. Imagine the chakras on the bottoms of your feet opening wider. Give yourself a few minutes to breathe deeply and feel your strong, deep connection to the earth. 
  • You can find a more detailed description of how to ground here.

There are centering exercises both on my website and in the appendices of Chakra Care. Other ways to ground and/or center quickly are:

  • Put your attention on your feet and their connection to the earth.
  • Silently list things about yourself, simple things such as "My name is xxxxxxxxx, my mom's name is xxxxxxx, I live at xxxxxxx, I drive a xxxxxxxx, I like to xxxxxx, etc."  This is kind of an emergency energy-separator (to keep your energy distinct from others').
  • Belly breathe, with the intention of grounding and centering.

Techniques For Protecting The Human Aura From Negative Energy

As for protecting your aura, I would recommend that you do one or more of the following prior to dowsing or anything that might make your energy field vulnerable to outside energies:

The Zip Up

Place your hand or hands at the top of your pubic bone. Holding the intention to keep your energy distinct, take a deep breath and simultaneously move your hand/hands up the centerline of your body, to your lower lip. You can do this with your hand/s on your physical body, or a few inches away from it. Repeat three times.

This Donna Eden technique works with the central meridian and is a great way to protect your energy field from negative energy and other outside influences.

You'll find other helpful ideas for protecting your aura on this page.

The Shield of Light

Imagine yourself surrounded by a cocoon of light, all around your body like an egg, about 2-4 inches away from your body. (This is your energy field, in a contracted state.)

Bring your elbows close to your sides, palms facing outward. Breathe in deeply,  and with the outbreath, push your hands slowly outward, visualizing/imagining/feeling that you are pushing or spreading the light outward.

Go slowly, and you may feel the pressure of your field as you push against it. As you push, visualize that you are also gently pushing out any energy that is "not of you," and any unwanted emotions, energy, or thoughts -- especially those that belong to other people.

Take several breaths like this, pushing your light out with the outbreath, until the light (your field) feels the right size. If your physical arms aren't long enough, use your expanded "energy arms."

Then put your arms down and take a few more breaths, enjoying the feeling of lightness, spaciousness, peace and clarity.
The Shield of Light will help to protect your aura, shore up your energetic boundaries, keep the emotions of others at bay, clear your energy field, and give you more breathing room, energetically and psychologically.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,

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