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"I'd Like To Become An Energy Healer. Where Should I Start?"

(Advice To A Reader)

A reader recently asked: "I'd like to become an energy healer. Do you have suggestions as to where to start?"

Nancy's Response

Great question, one that I think many people have.

I have pages on my site about types of energy healing, and about learning energy healing. Those will be helpful to you.

Many other pages on my site will be helpful to you as well, and it's all free. So I'd encourage you to spend some time with the whole site. A lot of the material there I haven't encountered anywhere else, and it's aimed particularly at folks like you, who are new to energy healing and have a lot of questions.

What Kind Of Energy Healing?

As for in-person classes, if you live in a rural area, you may have to take whatever is available. If you're in a more urban area, of course there will be more options available. I often suggest Healing Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, Quantum Touch, or Reiki. If you're interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may be interested in acupressure.

They're all different, and one method may appeal to you more than others. Why don't you go to the various websites of these methods (there are links for many of them on my Types of Energy Healing page), read about them and see if one calls to you.

For Right Now

In the meantime, try out a few of the simple techniques on my website. You can find them here.

Also begin practicing foundational techniques such as grounding and centering, and look at this page, which gives you some ways to begin to work with and care for your own energy.

I'd also encourage you to start noticing the ways that you are already interacting with other people's energies. Do some people, places and situations make you feel better than others? In your life as it already is, without being an "official energy healer" (if there is such a thing!) are there ways that you can touch peoples' lives in positive ways: for example,

  • a smile,
  • a word of encouragement,
  • an honest compliment,
  • keeping a level head in a contentious situation?

How does doing that seem to impact others? How does it make you feel?

Experience Energy Healing As A Receiver

It's also useful to receive a variety of energy healings and see if you respond better to some than others. I would think the ones you respond strongly to would be ones that you might also have an affinity for as a practitioner.

Why Do You Want To Become An Energy Healer

It also makes sense to spend some time with the question, "Why do I want to become an energy healer?" Understanding your motivation will help you be a better healer.

Good luck and remember, it's a journey, rather than a destination. Be light-hearted and enjoy the process.

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