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What’s Wrong? I’m Not Sensing Energy Anymore

Reader Question: When I Try To Do Energy Healing Now, My Hands Hurt And I Can’t Sense The Energy

I used to be able to sense energy and work with chakras but over the past few months it has completely left me! I am a Reiki student going for level 2 in less than a week and don't know what to do. When I try working with energy instead of feeling it with my hands, blood rushes to the point and causes pain. Is something wrong with me?

Nancy’s Answer


I don't have an immediate answer for you, mainly just a lot of questions.

Is the pain you speak of felt in your own hands, or in your clients' bodies? How great is the pain? How long does it last? Does it happen with everyone you work with?  How long have you been doing energy healing? Did something happen in your life, or shift energetically, around the time your ability to sense energy left you?

If it were me, I would tend to think that what is happening is a message. Information.

The "message" in your not sensing energy anymore and feeling pain when you do energy healing might be that you need balance and self-care. Are you working too hard? Do you need to take a rest from energy healing? Are you balanced in giving and receiving, or are you mostly giving? Have you received any energy healings lately? Are your clients appreciative of your efforts? Do they give you something in return?

Your situation might be an evolutionary calling, including a summons to better self-care, an opening of your heart chakra to your own self. Or perhaps you need to stop and let your light-body development catch up to your energy-sensing ability--do some work with your own evolutionary path. We can get egoically attached to our "special powers."  It is possible that you need to let go of any attachments you have to sensing energy, or sensing it in a particular way?

Another possibility is that you need to tune into a different frequency of energy than you have been doing.  If the pain is not too intense when you are doing a healing (assuming that the pain you speak of is in your own hands), just sit with it and see what happens. Of course if it is quite painful, or if nothing changes after a period of time, just let it go.

Yet another possibility is that it's just part of the normal non-normality of subtle phenomena. What I mean is that subtle phenomena always seem a bit like wild creatures to me. They show up when they want to and leave when they want to. They're always there, we're just not always tuned in to them. Your situation could just be part of a normal ebb and flow, nothing to worry about, just something to roll with.

Definitely ask for guidance about your situation. Listen to your dreams and be alert to all the subtle ways that information can be offered.

Unless you receive strong intuitions/guidance not to, I suggest you go through with your level 2 Reiki. You'll receive healing in that and I think it would probably be good for you. Also, you can ask your Reiki master about this directly, which will probably be very helpful.

I hope that's helpful.

Namaste, Nancy

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