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“Just Cure Me Please.”
Passive Clients Who Just Want You To Fix What’s Wrong

Reader Comment

So often, clients want fixes, not to participate in their own healing. The medical massage model gives that to people - do this and you’re fixed. It fits into the rest of Western Medicine. But what I notice is that people tend to reinjure the same body parts, or the injury will move from one area to another, forcing the client to go through the same procedures. This cycle repeats so the client can receive care - a massage, contact with another human being, someone who cares about them, and a reason to care about themselves. Energy healing addresses these issues at their core: our beliefs about ourselves the way we treat ourselves accordingly.

Nancy’s Response

Painting of limp young woman

I so agree that energy healing often works on the level of moving people to the point where they will make needed changes in their lives, rather than on the level of fixing a physical problem. And that is very much harder than just lying down on a table and having someone do something that makes the problem disappear. I see energy healing as healing lives as well as bodies. Often lives more than bodies.

I absolutely agree that Western medicine works on a "fix the machine" model, and that conventional massage, treatment massage, mimics that. And of course people will keep having the same problem crop up if they don't fix the source of the problem. That's just so clear. Less clear is the dynamic that you note of pain/injury reoccurring in different places. Kind of like a high water table of pain, that will just keep finding thin places to pop through. Pain is a very strange phenomenon, isn't it?

I have also wondered about people who keep being unwell, and whether that is at least partly so that they can keep receiving touch and care. Often I think a strategy learned in childhood.

I think too that sometimes people who cannot find resolution to their pain and illness are more committed to something else than to their own healing. For example, I had a young client with terrible, life-crippling migraines. Her whole life she had been the designated care-taker for her sick father. She loved him very much, but it was clear that the situation was not good for her. She told me so, in so many words. It was also clear that when she visited drier, sunnier climates than our damp, rainy region, she felt better. But she declared that she would never move, because she was unwilling to stop being her father's care-taker.

I do think energy healing can help people see these things more clearly, and that fostering insight into one's life is one of the ways that energy healing "works." It gets to the core, as you say -- "healing on a soul level." I like how you put that. And yet there are also those times when it just "fixes" things on a physical level, too. Mysteriously.

Interesting observation, that many "massage therapists talented in the area of energy work often put the focus on modalities" without acknowledging the energy therapy happening in the session.  I think it may partly be that it's just not part of their reality-model. It just doesn't fit anywhere in the world that they are willing to or comfortable acknowledging. And/or that if they talk about weird stuff like energy healing, that the medical people won't let them into their club. :-)

Enjoyed hearing about your path. Thank you for sharing. I wish you continued satisfaction as it evolves.

Warmly, Nancy

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