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The Universal Laws of Attraction:

Four Steps to Improving Your Health

The Universal Laws of Attraction (LOA) say that whatever you think about, or give your attention to, you attract to yourself.

By using the Universal Laws of Attraction consciously, you can shape your health to be more like you want it to be. It's a form of energy healing--working with the energy of your own thoughts to influence your health for the better.

Universal Law of Attraction: The Four Steps

Here are the steps to using the Law of Attraction to boost your healing and wellness:

  1. Get Clear
    Get very clear and specific about what you want. Whether that is more energy, greater stamina, or healing from a serious disease, want it passionately. Make it a priority. Visualize it clearly and regularly. Be specific. For example: "I want to be able to walk 5 miles with ease and comfort." Picture yourself doing just that with strength and joy. Feel how it would fee.

    Keep your mind on your specific health goal, and on your health in general. Do not focus on what is wrong. Think about what is right, and how you are getting closer and closer to your desired state of health.

  2. Ask
    Ask the universe--or however you construe the divine force--for what you want. Do this in a way that is natural for you and fits with your spiritual beliefs. Ask, and leave the details to the universe/divine force.
  3. Believe and Be Grateful
    Believe and act as if the health you want is already yours--"in the mail," so to speak. Be grateful, knowing that wellness is your natural state and that it is already yours.
  4. Allow and Accept
    Open yourself to receiving your desire in whatever form it comes. Expect it to come to you through natural, not super-natural means. Once again, be grateful. Always be grateful, for life itself is a great gift.

See- just four steps!

Anyone can do this! We do it all the time, without realizing how powerful and cool we are. Even making dinner is an example of the Law of Attraction in action!

So if you have a health issue, I strongly encourage you to use these four steps to help yourself. You can do it!

Important Advice for Working with the Universal Laws of Attraction

Of course, with any health issue, it is important that you also seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical professional. Use approaches such as the LOA as a complement to, not a substitute for, regular medical care.

It's also important not to use the concepts of the LOA in a negative way--to blame ourselves or others for illnesses. Sometimes things just happen to us. It's how we respond to them that shapes and creates our lives. And while illness and disease certainly represent an imbalance, the imbalance may have originated, for example, in one's environment, rather than in one's own thoughts and emotions.


The Universal Laws of Attraction are every-day magic--the kind each of us does all the time. But by being more conscious about using it, we can shape our lives to be healthier and more joyful.

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