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The Cosmic Law of Attraction: How To Use It For Vibrant Health:

A Real-Life Example

The Cosmic Law of Attraction (LOA) is straightforward: whatever you put your thoughts and attention on is what will be attracted to you.

The obvious but not-always-so-easy conclusion of that law is that you should keep your thoughts focused on what you want, not what you don't want.

Another way of saying it is that you use the energy of your thoughts to help create the life and health that you want. (It used to be called "The Power of Positive Thinking.")

The Cosmic Law of Attraction can sound kind of daunting, but it's really pretty simple.

To illustrate that, I'll use an example from my own life, to show that it's not anything esoteric or out of the ordinary. It's really just how we humans operate each and every day.

My Law of Attraction Story

A while back, I developed a pain in my right knee. It continued for nearly a year, and was almost crippling sometimes.

For the first six months, I just wished and hoped that the pain would go away. Then, I went through a period of haphazardly seeking help, from physical therapy to $250 shoes.

After about 9 months, I got really serious about healing my knee. I wanted to be able to walk again! The steps I took illustrate the steps of the Cosmic Law of Attraction.

Steps to Activating the Cosmic Law of Attraction
for Your Health

  1. Get Clear
    First, I got very clear about what I wanted. "I want to be able to walk 5 miles with ease and comfort." (Notice how this is stated in positive terms, not "I want to be out of pain.") I decided to make achieving this goal a priority in my life. I was NOT going to live like that anymore, and I was not going to give up until I reached my goal. I visualized myself walking joyfully, with ease and comfort, along the waterfront near where I live, and on the trails of my beloved Mt. Rainier.
  2. Ask
    I prayed about it, asking for healing.
  3. Believe and Be Grateful
    I didn't give up hope--I believed that my goal was possible, and that it was coming. It helped that I'm trained as a massage therapist and know that soft tissue injuries will heal if you give them the right conditions. This helped me to stay open to possible avenues for achieving my desire, rather than just giving up and saying "Oh, I guess I'm just getting old," or "I guess I'm just getting arthritis in my knee, and I'll have to live with it." I kept my thoughts on the comfort and ease I would feel--on what I wanted, rather than what I didn't want (the pain).
  4. Allow and Accept
    By being open to receiving healing, I attracted the means to that healing. A good friend invited me to come with her to her exercise program. I took her up on it, joined, and started working out faithfully. As I gained strength and balanced the muscles in my legs, my knee started to feel better. A few months later, when I received a mailing from Jack Blackburn, a regionally renowned body-worker, I got the distinct feeling that I should seek treatment from him--so I immediately called for an appointment. With just two treatments, I was almost back to normal. (Thanks, Jack!) I continued my workout program and my knee continued to improve. At the point of this writing, I'm now walking 3 miles with ease and comfort, and have every reason to believe that I'll reach my goal of 5 miles. And I'm grateful. Wow, am I grateful!

Magic--With Its Sleeves Rolled Up
and Its Feet on the Ground

It's really important to remember that healing won't come through supernatural means--it will come through the regular mechanisms of the body and the actions of ourselves and others.

I didn't just wake up one morning with my knee magically fixed! That's not what the Cosmic Law of Attraction is saying. We have to do the groundwork in the manifest world! I had to go to the gym faithfully; I had to make the appointment with Jack and show up and have him work with me. The Law of Attraction brought me the means to my own healing--but I had to use them!

And of course, I am sure that my belief that I could and would be healed helped me achieve my goal, by activating the power of the mind-body connection.

Anyone can do this! We do similar things all the time! And, while I've been saying that it's not "magic," I believe that it's actually truer that it is magic--it's just that we're used to doing this kind of magic. We do it every day, without realizing how powerful and cool it is.

So if you have a health issue, I strongly encourage you to use the steps of the Cosmic Law of Attraction to help yourself.

Important Advice for Using the Law of Attraction for Health Issues

Of course, with any health issue, it's important that you seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical professional. Use approaches such as this as a complement to, not a substitute for, regular medical care.

It's also important not to use the concepts of the Cosmic Law of Attraction in a negative way--to blame ourselves or others for illnesses. Sometimes things just happen to us. It's how we respond to them that shapes and creates our lives. And while illness and disease certainly represent an imbalance, the imbalance may have originated, for example, in one's environment, rather than in one's own thoughts and emotions. Don't ever take on the burden of believing that your health issues are your own fault. Just work with what life presents you and leave any judgement and blaming behind.

Laws of Attraction: Extraordinary AND Ordinary

Really, the Cosmic Law of Attraction is every-day magic--the kind each of us does all the time. But by being more conscious about using it, we can shape our lives to be healthier and more joyful.

Learn the 4 Steps of using the LOA for wellness.

How do you apply the LOA when you have serious health issues?

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