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About Quantum Touch ® Energy Healing

Quantum Touch® is similar to many other forms of energy healing such as Healing Touch, but with a special focus on using the practitioner's breath to intensify treatment.

It is easy to learn, stressing that energy healing is an "innate skill that even children can learn." Quantum-Touch® teaches how to focus, amplify, and direct "life-force" energy (or prana).

Through breathing and body awareness exercises, practitioners focus and amplify their own energy, creating a state of high vibration. By cultivating this energetic resonance at a high(or refined) frequency, the practitioner aims to entrain the client's energy to a higher (i.e. healthier) level, thereby facilitating healing. The practitioner accomplishes this through intentions, breathwork, energy sensations, and touch.

QT practitioners are taught several rhythms of breath to use in healing sessions, to increase their healing potential and help keep the practitioner from taking on the energy of the client. Diaphragmatic (belly) breathing underlies all of them.

Setting positive attentions and focusing attention are also emphasized.

QT has a well-developed organization and array of energy healing courses, including a very informational website, a book (Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal), video workshops, live-workshops, and a newsletter. You can even get a free e-book on their site (below).

A quote by Richard Gordon, founder of QT:

I see a day when healing becomes a universal skill, and the level of pain and suffering on the planet is reduced to a small fraction of what we see today. I have seen families drawn close through the practice of healing each other. I foresee a day when the family of humankind can draw closer through the innate and universal power of loving each other with the use of healing energy.

Learning QT

The Live QT Basic Workshop is a 12-hour course, taught by certified instructors all over the world. QT can also be learned via on online class.

A level 2 workshop is also offered. A "Seeing and Perceiving Energy" program is offered via webinar. Mentorship is also available.

Only two workshops are required to become a certified practitioner, but there are other requirements that beef up the certification process, plus practitioners are required to abide by an ethical code.

More Info and Finding a Practitioner

The official website is: .

They maintain a list of certified practitioners on their website, with photos and lengthy statements by each, which makes it easy to find and choose a QT-trained healer.

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