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Why You Should Celebrate Holistic Wellness In All Its Forms:

An Energy Healing Teaching Story

A recent session illustrated the important energy healing principle of "holistic wellness." This is the concept that true wellness must include the whole person--not just the physical body. An important corollary is that healing can and will show up on any of a variety of levels, including the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic, as well as the material level.

Holistic Wellness: The Inner Eyes And The Outer Eyes

In this session, an older client whose vision was deteriorating was concerned about losing her eyesight and was very demoralized about her prospects. As she talked to me during the initial part of our session, I could see and hear that her spirits were low and that her concerns were taking up a lot of her attention and energy.  

After she moved to the treatment table,  I worked generally to support her physical vitality and emotional well-being. Near the close of our session, I also did considerable energy work with her eyes. I felt a lot of deep heat and activity as I did so.

When she left I walked her out into the front garden of my office, and this happened:

She announced, "It's such a beautiful fall day. I'm so glad I can see it."

Then she turned to her left, looking at the Boston Ivy growing lushly along the fence and starting to turn red. "That's so beautiful," she said. She took a few steps and turned to our little fountain surrounded by sweet box (a pretty little shrub). She looked at it —usually she just passed by it— and commented on how nice it looked.

A few more steps led her past a late-fall, blue-and-pink hydrangea. Usually, she walked right by it, but this time she stopped and took it in, remarking on how lovely it was.

Her step was firmer and more confident than when she had arrived, and her energy looked much brighter, more open and up-turned (as opposed to down-cast, for lack of better descriptions). I was thrilled by the changes, her improved mood and her pleasure in the visual beauty of the day.

Working At The Level Of Holistic Wellness

After she left, I reflected on these changes. The energy work around her eyes had felt very powerful. Had it actually improved her physical vision? There was no way for me to know, but from my point of view it didn't matter. The energy healing had clearly worked on some level, because she was truly, deeply seeing and relishing the world and its beauty in a way that she had not done for some time.

My sense is that the treatment had probably worked to promote holistic wellness. It had probably healed and opened her "inner eyes"--her awareness and presence in her own life--rather than improving her external, physical eyes. But that distinction doesn't seem significant. There's so much more to the experience of seeing than just the processing of sensory stimuli gathered by our physical eyes. What use is even perfect, 20/20 vision if we don't truly look, if we aren't aware of the rich, sensory information that our eyes bring to us?

Celebrate The Whole Spectrum Of Holistic Healing

Energy healing is more likely to have a broad, holistic impact than to effect narrow, physical cures. Not that dramatic physical cures can't happen, but in my experience, they're less common. As a very material culture, we are oriented toward the physical and tend to believe that a physical result is the apex of healing. But physical cures are often less significant in the long run, occurring on the level of symptom rather than the level of root cause. Healings that happen on mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels are sometimes not as dramatic, but often longer-lasting and more far-reaching.

From an energy healer's point of view, none of the ways of affecting holistic wellness is is any better than the others. We should celebrate the whole spectrum, from the most subtle to the most obvious!

Namaste, Nancy

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