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How To Use Your Healing Powers Now

Don't Wait, The World Needs You

You can do healing work no matter what your job. We all have natural healing powers and don't need any special degrees or equipment to be powerful healing forces.

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But how, you might ask?

A Holistic Definition of Healing

It partly depends on how you define "healing." If you mean "fixing" the physical body, then maybe you do need that degree.

But if you define healing more broadly, as helping people rebuild their wholeness, regain the fullness of who they are, live in harmony with others and the world and be on a fulfilling life-path—then you can definitely be a healer, no matter your profession.

And—if you increase wholeness, fullness, harmony, and fulfillment, you almost always increase physical, mental and emotional health in the process.

Back to the "How" Question

So, as an example, how might a grocery checker do that?

A grocery checker can't prescribe medicine to lower blood pressure, can't balance chakras or relieve stiff necks. But—s/he can smile at you, be cheerful, express kindness. In my experience, an amazing percentage of grocery clerks do just that, and when they do, I always walk away with my energy elevated and a smile on my face. That right there is a healing.

But if, as a grocery clerk, you wanted to make a more conscious, purposeful effort to spread healing energy, you could:

  • Keep your energy highly calibrated by meditating, spending time in nature, cultivating compassion, keeping your thoughts positive and harmonious and maintaining energetic coherence. Your field will positively impact every person who comes through your check-out stand.

  • Clear and raise the energy of your check-out stand when you start your shift, recalibrating as necessary during the day.

  • If a customer looks weary or troubled, mentally surround them with light or cast an intention for their highest good.

Or to give some examples from other professions:

  • A roofer could cast healing intentions literally from the rooftops, letting them roll out across an entire city.

  • If you work with lots of correspondence, you could bless it before it goes out, imbuing it with loving-kindness and intentions for the highest good of the receiver.

  • A writer could resolve to write only things that will have an uplifting, harmonizing influence.

  • Someone who loves nature could share their deep connection with others.

I could go on, but you get my drift. As I say over and over, healing work is mostly about intention.

The World Needs Your Unique Healing Powers

My point: By all means get that training to be a doula, learn reflexology, go to med school.

But don't wait to use your innate healing powers until you finish. Be an "embedded energy healer" now, doing the work from within another profession.

The world needs your innate healing powers. Don't wait.

Namaste, Nancy

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