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Healing Affirmations

Boosting Your Wellness with Positive Self-Talk

Creating and using your own personal healing affirmations can support wellness and radiant health.

Health Affirmations Notebook
Science has proven the connection between mind, emotions and body. Your every thought and emotion causes a chemical response in your body.

What we think and what we tell ourselves can either support or undermine our health. Positive thoughts and speech can help our immune system stay strong. Harness that amazing mind-body connection for well-being!

Affirmations are a powerful method for using the mind-body connection to create positive realities for your body, mind, and subtle energies.

Read on to learn some easy, positive self-talk statements that you can use to fight an illness you feel coming on, to speed healing or to boost your health and immune system generally.

What Is An Affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement of what you wish to be true, stated as if it is true. To your body, it “reads” as true.

Simple Rules for Creating Affirmations

  • Keep them simple. Only address one desire at a time.
  • Make them present tense. Say, “I have health,” or “I am healthy,” rather than “I will be healthy,” or “I will have health.”
  • State things in a positive way; avoid use of the word not. For example, say, “I am well,” rather than “I am not sick.”
  • Repeat them several times a day, either out loud or in writing, for about two minutes per time.
  • As you repeat them, try to stay strongly connected to your desire. (In other words, say it like you mean it!)

Examples of Healing Affirmations

You will want to craft your own positive statements, specific to your own desires for well-being. However, here are a few to get you started. Mix and match as desired!

  • I am 100 percent healthy throughout my body.
  • Wellness, strength, joy, comfort and ease are my natural state.
  • My body has a natural genius for healing.
  • I heal quickly and fully.
  • My immune system is a powerful, intelligent, dedicated protector of my body.
  • My immune system easily distinguishes self from non-self, and helpful from harmful.
  • Every cell of my body is radiant with vitality.
  • I am deeply relaxed and at ease.
  • I breathe deeply and easily.
  • My mind is peaceful and calm.
  • My body is strong, flexible, balanced and full of energy.
  • Every organ and system in my body functions exactly as it was intended.
  • I fall asleep easily, sleep through the night, and wake refreshed.
  • I am full of energy and vitality.
  • I feel wonderful!
  • My subtle energies are balanced and flowing freely.
  • I fully release the emotions, memories, attitudes and habits that no longer serve me.

Remember, with healing affirmations, perseverance, repetition and enthusiasm are the keys. Here’s to your perfect wellness!

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