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Basic Energy Field Self Care

Tending Your Light Body

Energy field self care is a lot like caring for our physical bodies. Most of us put a lot of effort into that on a regular basis. We bathe, we brush and floss our teeth, we try to eat healthy foods. 

 But it's at least as important to practice energy field self care. You might think of it as care and feeding of your subtle bodies.

Nature, the best means of energy field self care (photo)Getting out in nature is one of the best things you can do for energy field self care.

Keeping your energy field clear and balanced is important because illnesses and injury often manifest in the field first, before they show up in the physical body.  

Also, if you are doing any kind of evolutionary work (such as meditation, spiritual growth or giving/receiving energy work), your sensitivity to energetic disturbances will probably be enhanced. This makes it especially important for you to keep your field energized and your energy “clean”  and flowing in a smooth and balanced way.

Here a few ideas for basic energy field self-care. Your self-care practices don't have to be long and involved, or esoteric and difficult.  

Many of them you may be doing already—they’re just good, common sense.

Tips for Basic Energy Field Self Care

  1. Breath is a powerful tool for tending your subtle energies. Most of us breathe rapidly and shallowly, into our chests. Practice slowing down your breathing, and breathing into the lower third of your lungs. Your belly should rise as you inhale, and fall as you exhale. ( If you get light-headed, go back to your regular pattern of breathing until you feel normal again.)

    Try to incorporate at least five minutes a day of this kind of breathing (also called belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing) into your life.

    Breathing fresh morning air is especially valuable.

    And there are lots more ways you can use breath as a tool for energetic self-care.

  2. Make sure that you drink plenty of water every day. Of course, this is great for your physical body, too.
  3. Eat high-quality, nutritious food. Fresh food is almost always best. Food loses vital energy--as well as nutrition--in being processed. Food made with love has a high vibration.
  4. Regular sleep is important for your energy system as well as your physical body. Try to get to sleep before 10:30. If you don't sleep well, investigate every option you can think of before resorting to sleeping pills.
  5. It lowers and coarsens your energy when you choose to watch TV, movies, and other entertainment that are violent or exploitative, or that encourage baser emotions such as hatred, unfounded fear, greed, pettiness, etc. Be careful what energies you allow into your home through your TV.
  6. Art can be wonderful for healing and elevating your energy. Seek it out, surround yourself with it, and take time to really take it in. Learn more about that here.
  7. Color can be a gentle but powerful energy therapy. Learn how to use it therapeutically here.
  8. Surround yourself with beauty in your home and workspace. This supports and nourishes your energy, whereas ugliness (however you define that) and disorder in your personal spaces can sap your energy.

    If you can't make your whole house beautiful and orderly (I live with a family, so I know how challenging that can be), concentrate on a particular room that you spend a lot of time in, or even just a corner or a shelf.

    Creating a personal altar can be a great way to do this. Make your family or house-mates understand that this room/corner/shelf/altar is your personal sacred space, and that they may not litter it with their things. That way, you'll always have somewhere to focus your attention that is beautiful and nourishing to your energy.

  9. Pay attention to what clothing and jewelry makes you feel good. If certain colors, fabrics, etc. make you feel great--wear them! Often natural fabrics are best for supporting our energies--but some high quality synthetics also can also have a place.
  10. A warm bath, especially one with salt or Epsom salts, can clear your field when you're feeling unsettled.
  11. In general, getting out into nature will almost always clear and lift your field. Sunshine is a great field cleanser, as are ocean air, salt water, or being near a running stream or river or any clean, natural body of water. Get outdoors often!

    Even your back yard or balcony can do the trick, or daily morning walk can be a wonderful way to clear and energize your field.

  12. If you're feeling light-headed or spacy, take a moment to ground. (Grounding means to make sure that your subtle energies are connected to the physical plane--i.e. your physical body, the earth.)

    You can do this by actually touching the earth, or even the floor, with the intention of grounding. Eating, singing, exercising, petting your dog or cat, working in your garden, cooking, and many other simple acts can also be good for grounding, especially if done with intention.

  13. Learn to center yourself.
  14. Gratitude is one of the best ways to lift and clear your energy. Every day, take a few moments to think about the things in your life that you're grateful for.
  15. Smile! Even if you don't feel like it, before you know it your field will be filling with light, and the smile will become genuine. Your smile will help to lift the energy of others as well, and the flow of energy between you and those around you will further help to support your own energy. (Of course, if you just can't get your smile to achieve lift-off, let it go and try another time.)
  16. Laughing is great energy field self care. A good hearty belly laugh is wonderful for clearing your energy and grounding. Look around--there's usually something you can laugh about if you want to.
  17. Hang out with people who make you feel great and encourage your highest self. Minimize time with people who leave you feeling drained or bad about yourself, who often stir up trouble or discontent, or who encourage you to behave in ways that don't reflect your highest self.
  18. Singing is wonderful form of energy field self care. (Especially if you can keep your ego out of it.) So open up those pipes and let the music out of you!
  19. Creating something helps encourage the flow of energy. It can be anything: planting a garden, knitting a scarf, building a deck, making dinner, arranging a vase of flowers, writing a letter. Do your best not to worry about whether it's "good enough." Just get lost in the creative process.
  20. Service to others also helps to keep your energy flowing. This is especially true if the service is done without ego or expectation of being repaid.
  21. Meditation and prayer work for many people to smooth, clear and balance energy. Try to work daily time for reflection and stillness into your life.
  22. Learn over 500 activities and exercises to balance, align and nurture your chakras in my book, Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life.

This list is just to get you started. Most things that makes you feel great (of course, I'm not talking obviously unhealthy short-term "highs" like alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) work to clear, balance, and lift your energy.

So if none of the above things appeal to you, make a list of the things that you DO love to do--and make sure that you do at least one each day. Energy field self care is one of the best investments of your time that you can make.

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