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Color Therapy for Your Energy Field

Color therapy is a powerful but gentle form of energy healing. It's easy, free, and absolutely glorious.

light spectrum
Color is light. Specifically, it's the reflection of a particular spectrum of light off of an object and back to your eye .And light is energy, so color is energy with particular properties.

These particular energetic properties can carry strong therapeutic benefits for us energetically.

How You Can Tell What Colors You Need

You know instinctively what colors are supportive and healing for your energy. You respond to them without even thinking, in a primal, physical way. You just like some colors. You want to wear the colors that are good for you, to paint your walls these colors, to visit or live in places where these colors predominate.

Some colors are healing for us over the long term, even over our lifetime. These colors are usually our "favorite colors." Some colors are just things that we need during a particular phase of our life. Or they're colors that we just need occasional "hits" of, like accent colors in a room.

Whether you use them short-term or long-term, as life-long colors or as accent colors, they can have a huge positive impact on your energy. You'll know because they make you feel good!

So color therapy isn't rocket science. Just notice what colors you like, what colors feel good to your eyes and your body. And then find ways to incorporate them into your life.

Easy Ways to Use Color As Energy Therapy

Obvious and important ways to use colors are in your clothes and your home. Try keeping a diary of what color you wore each day and how you felt that day.

I also love to use the colors of nature. Right now, for example, I have two huge rhododendrons that are covered in lavender blooms. They create an enormous block of lavender, and I like to just go outside and stand in front of them and soak up the color. I wait for it every year -- it's like my yearly dose of lavender, and I need it! My body soaks it up hungrily.

Whenever you can, get a color with sunlight shining through it or reflecting off of it. For example, in early spring in the U.S. Pacific Northwest where I live, the vine maple trees leaf out, and standing under them with the sunlight streaming through is pure heaven. After the gray winter, the light yellowish green feels more nourishing to my energy than anything else I can think of.

In the fall, you can do the same thing with the leaves of trees that have turned red, orange and yellow. Just stand under them with the sun streaming through. Yum.

Another easy way to use color is through guided meditations.

Play With Colors

It's also fun to notice WHICH colors feel most nourishing. Not important, but just a fun exercise in experiencing your own energy. For example, once I was on a fall hike at Mt. Rainier. There were shrubs ablaze in red, orange and yellow. I stood in front of each color in turn, and it was very clear that orange felt most nourishing.

Another way to play around with colors is to go to the store and buy a large box of crayons, one with lots of colors. Mess around with the colors. Which ones do you reach for first? Create some swaths of color with various crayons. How do you react to each color block?

Be Conscious for the Greatest Benefit

Color, of course, impacts us whether or not we are aware of it. But like most things, if we're conscious of it, and if we take the time to really let it in, it offers a much greater benefit.

Interpreting Colors

I don't think it's at all necessary to analyze what particular colors mean in order to get full energetic benefit from them. But sometimes it's just enjoyable to play around with the meanings or implications of colors. I think your own intuitive interpretation is most important and meaningful, because I believe that everyone has a different "language" of color. But just for fun, here are some interpretations to get you started.

Color Therapy for Others

If you really get into color therapy, you can bring it into your professional energy healing practice. It can be part of crystal therapy, you can use colored filters and project colored light onto people, you can use colored scarves or other colored cloths, you can lead people through color meditations, you can project color energetically, or you can use your creativity to incorporate color in other ways.

However you use it, color is one of life's great gifts. Appreciate it, enjoy it, and use it to support your energetic health!

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