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Aura Color Meaning And Interpretation

What Does My Aura Color Mean?

Color spectrum

Auras have colors that shift, change, and flow. To people who can see or sense this, aura color has meaning and information.

However, the meanings aren't necessarily straightforward: you can't say with authority that purple relates to spirituality, or green is about healing.

As in interpreting dreams, interpreting aura color is something that each person is best able to do for her or himself. We are each our own best expert.

Also, different shades and qualities of a color influence its meaning. For example, the clearer version of a color--say a clear red--usually indicates a healthier interpretation than its murkier version--for example a muddy red. So the exact shade of a color matters.

A color may also be a permanent or long-term aspect of your aura -- a "life color" -- or a more transitory indication of a thought, emotion, or imbalance.

However, some general guidelines and suggestions for interpreting aura colors can be helpful. The following interpretations are offered in that spirit. (Note: some of the interpretations are conflicting--it all depends!)

Aura Color Meaning/Suggestions for Interpretation

Healer; compassionate; sensitive

Can mean various things: transformation in progress, health problems, a long-term resentment or unforgiveness, trauma, issues relating to death

Calm, caring, sensitive, intuitive, harmonious, tranquil, emotional, loving, nurturing

Grounded, connected to nature, hard-working, over-emphasis on the physical realm, over-serious

Enlightenment, divine guidance and protection, higher consciousness

Ill health, depression, blocked energy, guardedness.

Growth, health, healing, balance, healer, friendly, abundance, in the flow, nurturing

Strong psychic ability, honest, independent, old soul

Creativity, energy, outgoing nature, vitality, adventurous, lacking in self-discipline, physical pleasure, personal power, dominance

Healing, unconditional love, gentleness, willingness to serve

Visionary, attuned to the spiritual realm, wise, imaginative, idealistic, leader, humanitarian, sense of destiny

Life force, power, passion, healthy ego, anger, survival sense, physicality, robust, materialistic

Purity and truth, new energy in the aura, higher dimensions, evolved, approaching transition

Intellect, mental sphere, optimism, motivated, analytical, happy, childlike, non-attachment, spiritual teacher (yellow halo)

Personalized Aura Color Meaning Exercise

If you are pondering the meaning of a particular color ask yourself it rings true. If not, try the following exercise. Do not read it all the way through. Read each step and do it before reading the next.
  1. If possible, get a physical sample, such as a piece of paper or a swatch of fabric, of the color you are pondering. (If you can't get a physical sample of the color, you'll have to imagine it vividly.)
  2. Sit down with a notebook, pen, and your color in a quiet place. Breathe deeply and evenly into your belly for a few minutes, quieting your body and your mind.
  3. Imagine that you ARE your color. From this perspective, write a paragraph or a page about yourself/the color. Allow yourself to be very imaginative, free-associative, and sensory. For example:
    I, Brown, am deep, rich, and earthy. I smell wonderful. I nurture life. I warm and grow things. I am not flashy, but I am very solid and I make an incredibly important contribution to the world. I am rich and complex, like good chocolate or coffee. I am quiet, deep, comforting.etc.

  4. This is your personalized interpretation of your aura color!

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