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Seeing Auras

How does a person learn about seeing auras, or sensing them in other ways?

What Are Auras?

Auras, or energy fields, are the non-physical, subtle-energy shell or layer that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. They have long been depicted in pictures of saints and holy people as halos, as seen in the image below.

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Seeing Auras

They can be seen (or seen in the mind's eye) by some people as light or colors. Nearly everyone can learn to see at least a bit of light surrounding the physical body with just a little training.

However, it is not necessary for a healer to see auras at all in order to do energy work. Everyone has his or her own way of perceiving subtle energy, and one way is not better than another. For example, many healers sense the energy field with their hands. I've heard of energy healers who do good work without sensing energy at all.

Nonetheless, it can be interesting and useful for a healer to see the biofield. Here's a site that gives detailed instructions for developing this ability:

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And here's another good site for learning to perceive auras:

Here's a page if you're interested in exploring aura color meaning. There are other ways to discern your own aura colors besides seeing them, and this page gives you one that's both fun and accurate.

Links to Other Pages on Sensing Subtle Energy

As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to perceive energy, and one isn't better than another. Everyone has his or her own unique style of perceiving subtle information. In my experience, there are more people who "feel" energy than see it.

You can learn two exercises for developing hand sensitivity to subtle energy here.It's quite exciting when you first learn to feel the energy. (And continues to be exciting, even after many years, from my experience.)

And you can learn about sensing chakras, another part of the energy system, here.

Is It Necessary to Interpret Sensations to Do Energy Healing?

Do you need to be able to interpret what you are sensing energetically--to know what it means--in order to do energy healing? I think not, although others may differ on this. (I actually think it can get in the way to try to interpret things.) This page offers a discussion of whether or not it's necessary to know what an energetic sensation means.

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