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About Auras

How To Sense, Clear and Heal
Your Amazing Energy Field

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Auras, or human energy fields, are the non-physical shell or layer that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. They have long been depicted in pictures of saints and holy people as halos.

The human field is, at least on some level, composed of electro-magnetic energy. Another way to think of it is as our life force.

This force flows both through us and around us, forming our energy field. It nourishes us and supports life in all our physical and energetic systems.

Each person’s energy flows, changes, and is completely unique.

Sensing the Human Bio-Energy Field

They can be seen by some people as light or colors and sensed by other people with their hands. Often people can feel or perceive layers within the field. Learn more about sensing the aura here.

Scientific instruments are beginning to be able to document the phenomenon as well.

Aura Colors

The human electro-magnetic field can be any color of the rainbow, and usually is made up of a number of colors. Learn more about the meaning of these colors here.

Size and Shape

Most people who can sense the human field describe it as egg- or cocoon-shaped, surrounding the body on all sides, above and below. Sometimes the aura is described as roughly following the contours of the body.

The aura can be close in to the physical body, or very expanded. A person might pull it in close to them (a couple of inches from the body) when feeling frightened, tense, or unsure. If feeling confident, safe, and relaxed, a person might expand it to several feet out from their body or even beyond. (In fact, a person's electromagnetic field can extend to a great distance, perhaps into infinity.) One way (close in or expanded) is not better than the other. It all depends on the situation.

Most experts describe it as most commonly being from six inches to two-to-three feet out from the body. It's usually described as being denser nearer the body, becoming gradually lighter and finer as distance from the physical body increases.

Many experts recognize different layers to the human electro-magnetic field. However, conceptualizations of the exact number and nature of the layers differ.

Characteristics of Healthy Energy

A healthy field is balanced and its energy flows freely. It is responsive to emotions, thoughts, and events, as well as to the energy of other people, objects and places. It is protective, shielding us yet also letting in what we need.

Our Thoughts and Feelings Impact Our Energy

Positive feelings, thoughts and experiences support and enhance the health of the field, while negative ones can disturb or disrupt it. Traumatic experiences can cause energetic “wounds” that have difficulty healing. Energy can also get "stuck" in the field.

Illness and Dysfunction Often Start in the Field

Disturbance or disruption in the subtle energy, over time, can crystallize or manifest in the body, diminishing function or contributing to illness. In other words, illness and dysfunction seem to start in the energy, and manifest in the physical body after that.

Energy Healing Can Help Balance and Clear Your Field

A person’s field can be positively influenced through energy healing. In healing forms that work directly with the field, a healer may attempt to smooth rough or jagged areas, repair wounds or gaps, restore areas of depletion, even imbalances, and clear blockages. Click here to learn about energy healing .

Energy Field Clearing Techniques

Our energy can pick up unwanted energies and influences. Energy field "cleansing" can help you stay well and feel more alive, more clear-headed, and more emotionally stable and balanced. Learn techniques for energy field clearing and cleansing here.

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