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Just For Empaths.
A Self-Healing Technique For You

Empaths are common among energy healers and intuitives. Here's an self-healing for empaths that came out of a recent energy healing session.

Recently, a client who is an extreme empath was telling me how a close friend's problems were bringing her (my client) down emotionally.

We talked a bit about how, from an energetic standpoint, this indicated that she was letting the energy of her friend's suffering into her own energy field, including her physical body. She realized she could actually feel it in her body as a kind of heaviness.

Around that point, I received an image of my client holding the suffering of her friend in her hands. From there, an energetic exercise/self-healing specifically for empaths sprang into my mind. I think it could be helpful for other empaths as well.

Returning Suffering To Its Rightful Owner: An Exercise To Help Empaths

If you feel you've taken on someone else's suffering:

  1. Sit comfortably with your hands palms up and resting comfortably in your lap.
  2. Feel, envision or imagine the suffering you've taken on from someone else, wherever it is in your energy field and/or physical body. It may be in one place, or it may be diffuse.
  3. If it's diffuse, use intention to consolidate the energy into one distinct entity (or imagine that you're doing so). It may be a particular shape or thing, or it may just be a lump. Doesn't matter.
  4. Again using intention or imagination, place the object that represents the suffering in your open hands.
  5. Imagine that the "owner" of the suffering is in front of you.
  6. With love and kindness, return the suffering to them. You can imagine handing it to them, or you can actually stretch your physical hands out toward them.
  7. At their highest level, they know the suffering belongs to them alone. Imagine them accepting it. Imagine yourself letting it go with as little emotional charge as if you were returning a borrowed book or sweater. What they do with it is their business, not yours.
  8. If it feels like there's any residue of their energy left in your hands, you can release it: shake your hands off, wash your hands in cool water, or whatever works for you.
  9. Take a moment to notice how you feel. Do you feel any different?

I encourage you to start scanning your body and field any time you have encountered the suffering of others, especially those you're close to. If you notice that you have taken on their suffering--indicated by any feelings of sadness, anxiety, heaviness, etc. that are not specifically related to your own life--try the exercise above.

I hope this is helpful for you empaths out there.--Nancy

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