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About Laura Alden Kamm and Intuitive Wellness

What Kind of Intuitive Are You?

Laura Alden Kamm's book, Intuitive Wellness

Developing your intuition can be an important part of keeping yourself energetically healthy. 

But that can be easier said than done, especially if you think that intuitive information should come to you in a particular way--as words that pop into your ear, for example, or as visual images of imbalances in your energy or organs.

Freeing yourself from this limiting preconception, and accepting that your intuitive information comes to you in its own natural, unique style, will help you open the doors to intuitive wisdom. 

And this wisdom can help you heal, stay well, and grow emotionally and spiritually.  Who doesn't want that?!

Laura Alden Kamm

One of the leading experts in intuitive healing is Laura Alden Kamm. If you don't know about her, you should. She's a medical intuitive and energy healer with an incredible life story and a ton of great resources to offer.

Her website, for example, offers free guided meditations, visualizations, and worksheets.

Kamm has a number of resources in print as well. Her book Intuitive Wellness is a valued part of my own personal library. It's full of practical as well as theoretical information for energy healing and personal energetic health.

Intuitive Styles

One of the most useful concepts in the book is that there are different kinds of intuition or intuitive styles.

She's observed the following intuitive approaches:

  • organizational
  • visual
  • auditory
  • empathic
  • olfactory
  • and perceptual.
Most of us have intuitive preferences or strengths in one or two of these areas. None is better than any other--they're all of equal value.

Kamm notes that

". . . perhaps the most critical element [in developing your intuition] is understanding how you naturally process information so that you can look in the right places for the doorway to your intuition. . . ."

Intuitive Preference Questionnaire

And to help you do this, she includes an incredibly helpful test that allows you to determine your natural intuitive style.

Once we know our intuitive style, she teaches, we can use it to access information about our physical and energetic bodies. We can then act on this information to correct imbalances and help ourselves heal and stay well.

Kamm goes on to look at particular health issues and their energetic characteristics, and give affirmations for each one.

Intuitive Wellness also offers a number of great exercises to "clear the mind, nurture the body, and create wellness."

This is one of the most practical and specific books about energy healing that I've come across. Highly recommended.

And here's to your own personal intuitive style, whatever it may be!

She has two cool learning/tool kits about intuition, "Color Intuition" and"Unlocking Your Intuitive Power (including 6 CDs and a workbook of guided exercises and meditations to help you learn to access and use your own inner vision).

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