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Open Your Heart: Gratefulness to the Hidden Ones

--by Nancy Hausauer

Image of postage stamp depicting an earthworm

Opening and refining the heart chakra is a worthy goal for anyone and everyone. Most of the people who come to see me in my private practice, in one way or another, are seeking this.

Here's a beautiful, heart-expanding practice you can use to do that. It focuses on remembering and appreciating beings who normally remain hidden from our consciousness, even though we are closely connected to them.

Gratitude Practice For Expanding Your Heart Chakra

Every day, be mindful of a new being who helps you or has helped you. Take a few moments to be aware of them, to honor them and to silently express gratitude. Once you start, you'll have plenty of ideas, but here are a few ideas to start you out:

  • Choose a tree and appreciate it for creating oxygen for you to breathe.
  • As you put on your shoes, think of the many people who played a part in making them.
  • Before you begin a meal, take a moment to appreciate the many beings who took part in bringing the food to your table, from the animals and vegetables you will be eating, to the farmers and truckers and store owners, etc.
  • When you read something, silently thank the people who taught you to read and the people long, long ago who created an alphabet.
  • As you take a drink of water, give thanks for the people who laid the pipes that bring it to you, and the people who make sure that the water is clean and safe.
  • As you walk in the forest, give thanks for the mycelia (fungal networks) that play such a huge part in a healthy ecosystem.
  • As you walk down the street, appreciate the people who created the sidewalk and the people long ago who invented concrete.
  • When you read a book, take a moment to think of the author as a person who toiled over this work. Think of the many people who played a part in creating the final object.

You get the idea!

This will cultivate your heart chakra and your sense of connectedness in the world. You will realize that many of the people you pass on the street may have helped you in some way, or perhaps their parents or grandparents did. You will have a greater appreciation for the fact that every being on the planet is necessary and deserves honor and respect.

And you will experience the great Web of Being, the energy infrastructure of the universe that supports and connects us all.

Namaste, Nancy

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Make Time for Peace and Joy During the Winter Holidays

--by Nancy Hausauer

Bird bath in winter, photo

The holiday season: all too often, what should be a time of rest and stillness turns into a hustling, bustling stress-a-thon.

To help you stay calm and centered during this season (or any time you need an extra dose of calm), here are some free guided meditations.

Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation

This 3-minute guided mindfulness meditation is like a breath of fresh air.

Here's the link to the audio file: Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation

You can find more good mindfulness meditations on the parent website:

Guided Visualizations with Orin

There are many meditations on this page. I've tried several of them, and all have been good, but for this season I especially recommend "Opening to Receive" and "Joy." You have to scroll down the page a bit to see the links to the meditations.

Here's the link: Meditation Room

"Space Consciousness" with Eckhart Tolle

I suppose this isn't technically a meditation, but it has the same effect on me, bringing me into a profound state of stillness in just a little over a minute. There is a very short intro. Eckhart starts at about 18 seconds.

Here's the link: Space Consciousness with Eckhart Tolle

In addition to the sense of peace it brings, meditation is a great way to develop and re-calibrate your energy field, open yourself to intuitive information, and shift to a more right-brained state of mind (which is more conducive to energy healing).

I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy these this week.--Nancy

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How to Give Yourself an "Acupressure Flu Shot"

--by Nancy Hausauer

Here where I live, in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, cold and flu season is upon us.

Image of a child sick in bed

This easy, four-point acupressure routinetakes only 2 minutes and will strengthen your immune system and improve your chances of avoiding colds and the flu.


Acupuncturist Sara Calabro recommends that you do it twice a day to build your natural resistance.

Note that I'm not encouraging you to NOT get a flu shot. You should work with your medical doctor to determine what your medical needs are. But whatever you decide, the "acupressure flu shot" routine is a great resource for helping you stay well this fall and winter.

The whole website, called "Acutake," is full of fun facts and ideas.

Stay well, Nancy

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How To Manage A Clairvoyant Gift

--by Nancy Hausauer

Credit: Science Museum, London. Wellcome Images John Dee's crystal, used for clairvoyance

Reader Question:

Since I was a kid, strange things have happened to me. I used to have extremely vivid dreams of my future self, and later on they would come true. I often feel stories or messages within objects. When I'm desperately in need, I often get a strong intuition that helps me make the right decision. Also, I understand people deeply and can feel their hearts.

What in the world is this? 

As a kid I got shut down for telling people about these kinds of experiences, but I can't ignore them any longer. I want to tap into what has always been there.

I don't know where to go with any of this, who to talk to, or what even to look for.  Do you have any suggestions?

Nancy's Answer

You're highly intuitive, sounds like both as a clairvoyant and an empath.

It's common for children with strong intuitive gifts to be shut down, so that they repress those gifts. Often this repression of integral parts of the self continues well into middle age or beyond, so it's great you're reclaiming it at this young age.

With intuitive gifts—especially intuitive empathy—the trick is to learn to manage it, so it doesn't overwhelm you. You have to learn to set boundaries so that your gift is sustainable. Otherwise, over time, it can deplete you.

Self care is very important for clairvoyant folks, empaths and other intuitives. You may need to spend more time alone or in nature than less intuitive people. You may need to avoid violent or sad movies and TV. You may need to avoid needy or negative people who drains your energy. You may need to spend more time in meditation or prayer.

Often intuitive gifts run in families, so a close relative may be similarly gifted. Sound out your relatives. They may turn out to be people you can talk to about this and who can help you grow into it.

It's also likely that other intuitive people will come into your life. They're not going to be wearing a T-Shirt that says "I'm highly intuitive!", so keep your "feelers" out for them.

You're still very young and need to grow into your clairvoyant and empathic gifts. At this point, I would say, just observe them. Learn their contours and how to use them in a way that's good for you as well as others.

Do some exploring on my website. You might especially like this page about healer self-care, which is good for empaths and clairvoyants as well.

There are many other resources on the Internet. Look into teacher and publisher Louise Hay and the publishing house "Sounds True."

Your gift is precious and deserves to be treated well, so take care.

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How To Keep Your Energy Balanced When You Fly

--by Nancy Hausauer

Mattes - Ownwork. Licensed under Public Domain via WikimediaCommons

The winter holidays are coming, and that often means travel. Holiday travel, especially by air, is stressful! It's hard on our physical bodies and also on our energy fields, often leaving them feeling scrambled and chaotic.

From an energetic viewpoint, here are some of the reasons why:

  • Many of us ground deeply to our home and bio-region. When we leave it, especially at the speed of air travel, we can feel adrift, as if we've lost our moorings. Energetically, we have!

  • The airport itself is filled with a lot of anxious, ungrounded, unsettled people. Their chaotic energy impacts ours.

  • In the airplane, we're packed in with fellow flyers. Almost all are tense and edgy to some degree. It's hard not to be affected. Between the airport and the airplane, we can pick up a lot of stray energy.

  • Once we arrive, we're knocked out of our usual routines and structures, so our 1st chakra is thrown off balance, too.

Energy Healing For Travel

Here are some ideas to keep your energy grounded and stable as you travel:

  • Before leaving, ground all the way to the center of the earth. Upon arrival, reground to the center of the earth. Repeat every time you change lodgings. Upon returning home, reground to the earth's center, then adjust to a different depth if desired.
  • Before arriving at the airport, do the Zip Up and/or the Shield of Light techniques. (Scroll down the linked-to page to find them.) Or just surround yourself with white light.
  • Imagine that you're filling the airplane with white light.
  • Belly breathe—one of the best stress-busters available.
  • When you arrive, take a walk as soon as you can to help you ground and balance.
  • Before leaving home, establish a signature essential oil. Take it along and use it frequently.
  • The Bach Flower Remedy called "Rescue Remedy" will help harmonize a frazzled energy field.
  • After arriving at your destination, take a shower. Imagine the water clearing your energy field. If you can't shower, imagine a fountain of light is showering through your energy field and washing away any energy that isn't yours.
  • Create a little altar in your lodgings to help you feel grounded and connected to your spiritual source. Bring a few meaningful items from home and also use natural items from your current locale.
  • Create small routines for the rest of your trip to support and soothe your first chakra.

Wishing you groundedness no matter where you roam! —Nancy

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How To Take Control Of The Stories That Shape Your Life

--by Nancy Hausauer

By Aclayartist (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

We're going into the winter holidays and that means… families. It's a great time to re-evaluate and update the stories you tell yourself about your past--your personal mythology.

We all tell ourselves stories about our past. But these stories about the past come from the past and are often stuck in the past. We recite them, either out loud or in our thoughts, pretty mindlessly. They're habits.

And often our stories about the past don't match our current energetic calibration. We've outgrown the stories — without noticing. It's like having a favorite shirt you just throw on, year after year, never noticing that it's become threadbare and tight.

So it's a good idea to review your stories periodically. To examine them from your current perspective, which is different from when you formed those stories. You're in a different place now, with more experience, more knowledge, more emotional skills, deeper spiritual insight.

Recalibrating our stories about our own pasts—the myths we've created about ourselves—can have a huge impact. It can liberate energy that's stuck in the past and bring our energy up to our current calibration. It can help us get unstuck from mystifying fears and behavior patterns. The effect on our lives, health and emotional well-being can be enormous.

So how can you recalibrate your stories?

Notice the Story

Start by noticing them. Notice what you tell other people, what you insinuate about yourself, your past, what you tell yourself. Especially pay attention when you have a kneejerk response to something. Ask yourself, "What story am I telling myself about this?"

Shake It Loose

When you've noticed a habitual, unconscious story you tell about yourself, play around with it.

  • Play back the events. What were your emotions? Ask someone who was there what they remember, or put yourself in their place and tell the story from their perspective.

  • Can you tell the story differently?

    • Tell the story as if you are the wisest and most loving person you know or can imagine, someone you admire and respect deeply, or of a guardian angel.
    • Or, come up with a radically different telling of the story (that still fits within the facts).
    • Or, check out the work of Byron Katie.

Decide To Start Telling The Story Differently

  • Choose a way to tell the story that supports your highest energetic calibration, a way that supports your spiritual growth and your highest self, or that best supports you being happy and free.
  • Write it down.

Most of our internal stories are long-held habits, so it's likely you will need to be vigilant for a while. Make a commitment to mentally or verbally replace your habitual story with your new, up-calibrated version every time you slip.

Wishing you clarity and freedom —-Nancy

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12 Ways to Deep-Nurture Your Energy in the Season of Samhain (Halloween)

--by Nancy Hausauer

Image of Halloween pumpkin

Halloween, called Samhain in the traditional, agriculturally-based Celtic calendar, is October 31. Samhain marks the end of the botanical year and where I live, the very beginning of winter.

Samhain is the start of the dark time of the year -- the season for rest, reflection, stillness, wisdom, and mystery. Notice how the world of nature withdraws its energy and growth, to rest in quietness in the dwindling light.

Nature beckons us to follow suit: to rest, to be still within. Out of the silence, a certain ordering of spirit can begin, leading eventually to healing, restoration, renewal, and new growth. But for now, it's time to allow the fields of your soul to lie fallow.

Here are some ideas to explore the wisdom of the season during the coming weeks:

  • Sit down with your journal for a quiet evening. Write extensively about what you don't know.
  • Pay attention to your intuition. Assume that everything you see and hear has meaning.
  • Notice the spiders. What wisdom might you learn from them?
  • Meditate. Focus on the still place between thoughts.
  • Take the time to really savor an apple or a pomegranate—traditional fruits of the season.
  • Make an altar for a loved one who has passed on. Take the time to make it beautiful and satisfying. Meditate on the gifts they gave you and the lessons they taught you.
  • Honor your bones by cooking up some calcium-rich dark-green leafy vegetables or a deeply nourishing bone broth.
  • Turn off the lights and light a single candle. Notice how darkness and light complete each other. Allow yourself to absorb the nourishment of the dark.
  • Go to bed early, with journal and pen by your bed so that you can record any dreams you have. Spend time the next day allowing the meaning of those dreams to resonate within you.
  • Turn off your phone, TV, and all the other chattering devices of your life just for an evening. Notice what arises in the stillness.
  • Comb through your calendar, removing all unnecessary appointments and obligations for the coming month.
  • Allow yourself the adventure (and the luxury) of not figuring everything out.

Wishing you the blessings of the season, Nancy

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How The Color In Your World Can Support Your Energy

--by Nancy Hausauer

Color can be powerful therapy. It's an easy, delightful way to do energy healing for yourself.

A light spectrum

Color is light, specifically the reflection of a particular spectrum of light. And light is energy, so color is energy with particular properties.

These particular properties can carry strong therapeutic benefits for our energy fields.

How You Can Tell What Colors You Need (Hint: It's Easy!)

You know instinctively which colors are supportive and healing for your energy. You respond to them instantly, in a visceral, physical way. You just LIKE some colors. These are the colors that are energetically good for you.

So color therapy isn't rocket science. Just notice which colors feel good to you, and then find ways to incorporate them into your life.

How to Do Self-Energy-Healing with Color (Again: It's Easy!)

Obvious and important ways to use colors are in your clothes and your home. Do you have plenty of clothes or accessories in the hues that you love? Do the colors in your home make you feel happy?

You may also find that you feel better living in or visiting regions where certain colors predominate. For example, I live in the blue-green-gray U.S. Pacific Northwest, and it suits me, but occasionally I need to visit the Southwest with its amazing expanses of red and orange.

How about you? What are the predominant colors of your home region? Do they make you feel good? Are there places you love to visit? What are the color palettes there?

I also love to use the seasonal colors of nature. Soon, for example, a small persimmon tree by my entryway will turn into the most magnificent colors of red and orange. I like to stand by it for a moment when I come home, soaking it up.

In early spring where I live, the vine maples leaf out, and standing under them with the sunlight streaming through is pure heaven. After the gray winter, the light green feels amazingly nourishing to my energy field.

Later in the spring, I have two huge rhododendrons covered in lavender blooms.They create an enormous block of lavender, and I like to just stand in front of them. I wait for it every year -- it's my yearly dose of purple.

How about you? What color resources do you have in your immediate environment? How can you make the most of them?

Color impacts us whether or not we're aware of it. But like most things, if we're conscious of it and take the time to really let it in, it offers much greater benefit. It's one of life's great gifts. Appreciate it, enjoy it, and use it to support your energetic health.

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Fluidity of Mind: An Essential Skill for Energy Healers

--by Nancy Hausauer

Consciousness-shifting is an important skill for energy healers. For most of us, it's a profound switch to move our awareness from the prevailing world-view we use for everyday life to the world-view we use when we're doing energy healing.

Hubble Telescope image of earth from space

Energy healing works from a very different world-view, or model of reality, than our culture's prevailing model. The culturally dominant model, to put it simply, is that only physical matter is truly real. Obviously, this is not the way an energy healer looks at the world, at least not while doing a healing.

The energy healing way of looking at the world (also simplified here) is that there are subtle, invisible-but-powerful, non-material forces that create and shape us, and that what we truly are can never be reduced to mere cellular processes or interactions of matter.

But we energy healers, like everyone else in our culture, are deeply ingrained with the prevailing, materialist way of looking at the world. Most of us live our everyday lives looking out through those particular glasses. And that's OK.

But when we are doing a healing, it serves us well to be able to take off those lenses—-to see the world differently—-or else what we're doing just doesn't make sense. (It's also deeply liberating to do so.)

Because these two competing ways of looking at the world are so very different, it's extremely useful for an energy healer to cultivate fluidity of consciousness—-to easily be able to shift back and forth between different ways of viewing the world.

Fortunately, like most skills, this gets easier as we practice it.

There are many ways to practice and build this skill. For me, images from space are often particularly helpful. My personal reality is very firmly based on this beautiful planet, so anything that moves my focus out beyond Earth's atmosphere really messes with my head. And that's good! It expands and increases the flexibility and fluidity of my mind, which makes me a better energy healer. (Images from space are also very supportive to seventh-chakra development.)

Two Great Resources To Cultivate Fluidity of Mind

So I want to share this amazing resource with you. Created by American Museum of Natural History astrophysicists, "The Known Universe" shows the universe as mapped through astronomical observations. It is accurate as to scale and location, to the best current scientific knowledge. I can't claim to be able to grasp it fully, but it sure does change my frame of reference.

And here's another amazing resource that goes the other way, helping us visualize reality from the point of view of the micro-level. This video depicting the inner life of a cell is breathtakingly beautiful and astounding. Happening in our bodies right now! An animation created by Harvard's Biovisions, it's scientifically accurate to the best of current knowledge.

Enjoy. --Nancy

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How To Work With The Energy Of Hello/Goodbye

--by Nancy Hausauer

Photo of Nancy on break

My husband and I just did some re-painting at the studio, where my treatment space and his commercial photography business are. We did it with the intention of revitalizing and rededicating our work lives—saying hello to a fresh start.

But hellos and goodbyes are inextricably intertwined. Any new beginning requires a letting go of the past, a farewell to how it's been.

For my husband and me, that means we'll be clearing out a lot of physical stuff we don't use anymore. And that's just a start. We're both examining how we can let go of unproductive ways of doing things, unconscious habits, limiting thoughts about ourselves and our businesses, and outgrown self-images.

Energetically, clearing the energy of the old before beginning the new makes sense. It makes room for the fresh energy, supports the all-important energetic principle of flow, and signals trust to the Universe.

Here are some ideas for cultivating your capacity for letting go—and thus your capacity for receiving fresh energy. As always, the key to energy work of any kind is intention.

Saying Goodbye To What Is Passing

  • Review things you're grateful for. Then light a candle to give them back to the Universe.

  • Forgive someone (could be yourself), or clear the air by talking to someone about a lingering resentment.

  • Choose a burden to lay down. Bless it, then walk away.

  • Notice ways you've outgrown your image of yourself; or behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you. Write a word or picture symbolizing that on a palm-sized rock. Bury the rock in the ground or place it in a body of water.

  • Are there physical things getting in the way of spaciousness and function in your life? If so, mentally thank them for their service and clear them out.

  • In fall, pay attention to the natural world. If you have a garden, do your fall chores as an honoring of the growth cycle.

  • If you're clearing the energy for some specific new enterprise or phase of life, be aware of what you're leaving and find a way to acknowledge it.

  • Often endings carry at least some sadness with them. Be aware, and if sadness comes, accept it as part of the hello/goodbye cycle.

Saying Hello To What's Coming

To complete the cycle, you'll want to begin saying hello to what is coming (there's always something coming!).

  • But don't rush to fill in the space you've created with your goodbyes. Space is good!

  • Light a candle as a way of expressing your openness to receive what's coming.

  • Notice what you are curious, excited, or even irritated about. Follow it, but gently at first.

  • Watch for the arrival of the new energy. It may be an inspiration, idea, feeling, intuition, coincidence or serendipity, new opportunity, new acquaintance or something else.

  • When it comes, let it flow into your life.

And Happy Fall!—nature's season of letting go. —Nancy

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