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Joy Therapy

A Simple Practice
to Cultivate Your 2nd Chakra

If you want to give yourself a life make-over, joy therapy could be the thing for you. It's a beautiful way to support your second chakra, raise your calibration and give a boost of light and energy to your entire energy system.

The concept is simple. Just add more joy-producing things to your life.

The problem is that, like many simple ideas, actually putting this into practice can be hard. Many of us are so focussed on work and achievement that we put joy (and other important things such as physical comfort and health) way down on our list of priorities. It's a pretty ingrained habit for most of us.

When we do take a break from our bad habit of over-work and under-self-care, we often don't do things that give us joy. Instead, we do things that numb us out, like watching mindless TV or playing video-games. These things rarely produce real joy for most people. Instead, they dull our capacity for feeling and lower our vibration, particularly, I think, of the critically important but often-under-valued 2nd chakra.

We're a second-chakra-challenged culture, in my opinion.

So how do we introduce more joy and nourish our second chakra?

Joy Therapy: How to Do It

  1. First, make a list of all the things that you can think of that give you joy that you can do in 1 minute or less.

  2. Skip a couple of lines and make a second list of things you can do in ten minutes or less that really make you smile inside.

  3. Continue on, making lists of joy-producing things that can be done in half an hour, an hour, a couple of hours, and a day.

  4. This series of lists is IMPORTANT! It's your personal roadmap to a joyful life. Make copies and post it at home, at work, and in something you carry with you, like your phone.

  5. Now, set a time period that you're willing to stick with your joy therapy program -- a few hours, a day, a week, whatever works for you. Make it a firm commitment. (This is your life, after all!)

  6. During this period, be on the hunt for times that are under your control, moments or hours or days when you can make a choice about what you do. It could be times that you're waiting for something, leisure time at home, your lunch hour or work-break, the weekend…. Be mindful, and get creative! As you get into it, you'll realize that you have more free moments than you realize.

  7. When those moments of choice do come up, choose to do something that gives you joy. With your lists ever at hand, you'll have plenty of ideas, no matter what the time slot you have available.

That's it. Don't wait till your next vacation. Be joyful now. And now. And now.

More Ways To Support The Second Chakra

As I said, "Joy Therapy" is a great way to support and nourish your second-chakra. If you'd like a whole lot more ideas for "care and feeding" of your 2nd chakra, you'll be interested in my book, Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing for a More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life, which I wrote to help people understand the chakras and learn ways that anyone -- not just professional energy healers -- can balance, align and nurture them.

Of course, I didn't just write about the 2nd chakra! Chakra Care has over 70 down-to-earth healing and balancing activities and exercises for each of the 7 chakras.

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