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Shifting Your Energy

Energetic techniques to keep a bad mood from ruining your day and affecting your health

Shifting your own energy is an important skill for energy healers and energetically sensitive people to have. Because it's easy to get your energy in a knot. I'm sure you know what I mean—those times when something unpleasant happens and you can literally feel your spirits sinking.  "Uh-oh," you think, wondering if the bad mood will last all day, or even longer.

Graphic: Bad mood optional

Or maybe you're anxious and feel like your thoughts are a buzzing hive of hornets; or you’ve got the blues for no discernible reason; or you’re just feeling irritable and snapping at your loved ones. In short, you’re not feeling joyful, full of energy, and "high on life."

These moods both reflect and affect our energy, and our energy, in turn, affects our physical, emotional and mental wellness.

You can do a lot toward shifting your energy, lifting yourself out of the dumps, overcoming anxiety, calming your emotions, and generally feeling better energetically, emotionally and mentally.

Many people have their own tricks for shifting their energy. Here is a process that works for me, followed by some shorter techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Process for Shifting Your Energy Out of a Bad Mood

Happy!By Weird Beard (Happy) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Be aware of your body. Ask yourself what you are feeling in your body right now. Do this often, knowing that your body is wise and full of information that will help you.
  2. Become aware of the spaces between your thoughts and focus on them. Let the space between your thoughts expand. While you are doing this, breathe deeply and slowly.
  3. Know that you are so much more than your thoughts and emotions. Know that you are not at their mercy, and that you have the power to change them. Say to yourself: "I have the power to change my thoughts, moods, and feelings."
  4. Hold the intention to shift your energy and your mood. Pure, positive intention is immensely powerful. It can shift your energy field immediately.
  5. Say "I am happy," or "I am calm," or "I can deal with problems as they arise," or whatever it is that you need to be true. Say your affirmation as many times as you need to, and say it like you believe it! Your energy will respond to your positive statements.
  6. Continue breathing deeply. Allow your physical body to reflect the energetic, emotional, and mental changes that are happening. For example, if you have been tensing your shoulders, or frowning, or slumping, allow your body to let go of these postures and assume a more healthy, comfortable, neutral position. Continue breathing deeply as your body settles into this healthier, more comfortable position.
  7. Allow yourself to be aware of your own power to shift your energy. Give thanks to your higher power if you feel called to do that. Then go about the rest of your day knowing that you have not only risen above a bad mood—youve also made your own subtle energies—your light body—more expanded and radiant. Pretty cool!

More Techniques for Shifting Your Energy

  1. Take some slow, deep breaths, all the way into the lower third of your lungs. This kind of breathing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to shift your energy and clear unpleasant feelings out of your physical body and energy field. It's especially good for calming anxiety and fear.
  2. Try smiling—even if you don't feel like it. Especially if you don't feel like it. Plaster a big, fake smile on your face and keep it there for a while. It will feel weird and unnatural at first; but after a while, you'll probably find that you actually feel better, and the smile will begin to be genuine as your mind, emotions and energy follow the lead of your body. This is especially good for lifting a blue mood.
  3. Think about the things that you are grateful for. Keep thinking about the things you’re grateful for until your mood (and hence your energy) shifts. This is extremely powerful for redirecting your consciousness, expanding your energy, building your light body and strengthening your connection to the rest of Being.
  4. Do something nice for someone else. If you feel like you can't make yourself happy, do something to make someone else happy. This helps to "unstick" dense, in-turned energy and get it flowing again. (And before you know it, you're likely to be feeling better, too!)
  5. Be compassionate toward yourself. Forgive yourself. Love yourself as you are now. This helps to open you to the flow of universal energy, which is supportive, nurturing, and very stabilizing.

Remember. Every moment of your life, every thing that happens to you--you can choose how to react. You can choose to let something bad that happens sink you--or you can choose to use it to evolve.

Every time you choose not to let something hard sink you, every time you choose to energetically rise above it—you evolve automatically. Your energy, your field, radiates a little brighter and vibrates at a little higher frequency. I know you can do it!

(Note: If you experience severe, persistent depression, anxiety, or other serious mood disorders, you should consider seeking the services of a mental health professional.

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