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Healing Hidden Self Criticism: An Energy Healing Session

I want to tell you about a recent session. It was jam-packed with great stuff, but I'll focus on a particular part of it, because it illustrates the completely unexpected places energy healing can take us and how physical symptoms can be openings to even deeper-level healings. It also highlights one of the particular strengths of energy healing, which is in fostering insight and realizations that get to the heart of a problem or situation. One of the core issues in this session, surprisingly, turned out to be self criticism.

Following the energy to the issue of self-respect

Starting The Journey With The Physical Body

"Chris," a long-standing client, came to me with issues of pain from a fall about a month prior. She still had pain, especially in her leg. She also deals with a serious health issue, which is well-managed but will be life-long. The issue had been exacerbated by systemic inflammation caused by the fall she took. Her goals for the session were supporting her ongoing health issue and reducing the pain. 

We were able to completely eliminate the leg pain, but that wasn't even the best part.

Looking For Inner Peace

I started by balancing her chakras. At the 6th chakra, I felt a distinct question: "Why can't I be at peace?" It was clearly not my question. I said nothing about it at this time.

When I began working with the ongoing health issue, I held the starting point of the related meridian, while having her hold the end point. Almost immediately, we both felt something powerful. Deep emotion welled up for her and she began to cry.  The session went on for a while, productively, after that, but this—the emotion—was the heart of it.

After the session, we debriefed.  When I told her about receiving the question "Why can't I be at peace?",  tears surged up again. "That is exactly my question," she said.

Shining A Light On An Unconscious Pattern Of
Self Criticism

She went on to describe how during the session—especially during her upwelling of emotion—"something left me." That something was self-judgment and blame. She had the realization that harsh self criticism was a life-long, habitual response. It had been triggered most recently by the fall she took and subsequent flare-up of the health issue. Subconsciously, she'd been angry at herself.

During the session, because she had become aware of it, she was able to let go of that anger and feel more self-love and self-respect—always a huge breakthrough, for anybody. Detached from the anger, she was also able to see how she could prevent future falls.

In a final insight, she realized the issue was all connected to her deceased mom, who had also tended toward harsh self-judgment. "I felt her presence today," Chris said. "She was saying, 'Stop doing that to yourself!'"

We won't know whether her health issue has re-balanced until her next test, but I'm optimistic. The harshness  to herself has likely been at the root of a lot of physical and emotional imbalances. More self-compassion and self-respect—and the peace that comes with it—can only be healing.

The Moral Of The Story

The message in this story is: Stay open and follow the energy, rather than trying to control it. It will take you to much deeper, more interesting places and give you more profound insights and revelations than your logical mind can carry you.

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