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The Relative Who Was A Pain In The Head: An Energy Healing Case History

"Can energy healing help me with my [headaches, high blood pressure, back pain, injury, ringing ears, etc.]?

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People often ask me this question, and it's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. Unfortunately, it's not easy to answer, because the effects of energy healing aren’t always straightforward. Energywork might directly “cure” or “fix” a physical ailment. Or it might not.

However, when it doesn’t seem to have an immediate impact on a physical problem, in my experience energy healing is working on deeper, root causes—a more profound healing that will bring greater harmony and balance to the entire being. In due course, this will usually show up in the person’s energy field, emotions, thoughts and life events, as well as in greater physical body health, if that’s needed for their life-journey. But it can take time.

Here's a case study from my own practice.

A client came to me with a severe headache. It had started a few days prior, and was painful enough that she had seen her doctor about it. The doctor hadn’t been able to find a cause.

When she arrived, she looked downcast and drawn and was near tears from pain and worry.

On the table, she was quiet until about a third of the way into the treatment. Then she exclaimed that she had just remembered that the headache had started shortly after she’d received troubling news from a family member, a relative who had been a life-long source of concern.

I continued to work with her for some time to lessen her physical pain, but I knew that her "aha" moment was the main part of the healing.

After the treatment, she still had a bit of the headache left, but she looked vibrant and happy, and repeatedly remarked on how much better she felt.

She talked a little more about the worrisome family member, the beginning of a process of discovering new insights about this relationship. This was a much deeper, more lasting restoration of balance than just temporarily making the headache disappear, and it showed in the light shining from her eyes and the liveliness in her voice and gestures.

(And although she has been back many times since then, she’s never again complained of a serious headache.)

So: Can energy healing help with [fill in the blank]?

The answer: Probably. If you can let go of your idea of what the help will look like, and the time frame in which it will come.

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