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Understanding Non-Local Experiences

Hunches, Clairvoyance, Premonitions, Synchronistic Events, Precognitive Dreams, Intuition, Telepathy, and Remote Viewing

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I bet you've had the experience of thinking of a friend and then having them call within minutes -- almost everyone has.  Or watching your dog get all excited, because he can tell that a family member is coming home, long before being able to physically see, hear, or smell them.

These are common, every-day examples of non-local experiences. Another profound example is when we know that a far-away loved one is ill or dying.

Non-local experiences -- things that we experience even though we are not physically present in space and/or time, or awareness/consciousness that comes to us from something other than our physical senses -- are far from rare.

These experiences can include hunches, clairvoyance (and clairaudience and clairsentience), premonitions, synchronistic events, precognitive dreams, intuition, telepathy, and "remote viewing." They can occur while you're awake, asleep, or in the state between sleeping and waking.

But as common and downright normal as they are, it can be confusing and difficult to make sense of them, because they conflict with our conventional model of reality.

Making Sense of Non-Local Experiences

These experiences DON'T make sense when viewed from inside the dominant model of reality, which assumes the absoluteness of time and space -- that we are firmly bound in our current time and fixed in our current space. This dominant model of reality is just that -- a model, like any other. It is not reality itself. It is a human intellectual artifact, a product of a particular culture at a particular time in history.

Non-local phenomena just don't fit within that -- to my mind-- very limited model of reality. But these experiences are real, and they definitely supports a more expanded, "non-local" model of reality. From within this expanded, less material, more energetic model, they makes sense.

In this reality-view, we are connected to everything. Our consciousness is not absolutely bound by time or space. We are not just material beings, basically machines, that can be reduced to a catalog of chemical interactions.

In this model, time and space are illusions, tools at best, prisons at worst. You CAN be in contact with loved ones, especially in moments of heightened significance, such as extreme duress, birth and death. You can be in contact with loved ones after death as well, because death is just a change into non-physical form.

Deepak Chopra does a very good job of explaining non-locality and other esoteric, subtle-reality subjects.

I also highly recommend Lynn McTaggert's wonderful book, "The Field," and the work of David Morehouse on "remote viewing."

There really is so much to support the non-local view of consciousness -- including, for nearly all of us, our own experience.

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