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Read Energy With Muscle Testing
(Here’s How)

Some people can directly sense subtle energy, and some can’t. In my opinion, you can do energy healing perfectly well without being able to sense energy, but sometimes it’s nice to get some extra information about what’s going on. Muscle testing can help you do that.

Muscle testing (also called energy testing or applied kinesiology) is a way to get direct information from our bodies and energy systems. Energy healer and teacher Donna Eden calls it “biofeedback without the gadgets.”

As she says, it “allows you to determine “whether an energy pathway is flowing or blocked, whether an organ is getting the energy it needs to function properly, or whether an outside energy (such as the energy of a particular food or a suspected toxin) is harmful to your system.”

How To Do Energy Testing With a Partner

You’ll need a partner for this version.

  • Stand face to face, about arm’s length apart.
  • Raise your non-dominant arm out straight at shoulder height, eyes closed.
  • Have your partner place two or three fingers on your extended forearm and push down as you resist.
  • Test for what is normal/beneficial/true. Say, “My name is [your real name]” or another true statement, allowing your partner to feel what “true/good” is like.
  • Test for what is abnormal/harmful/false. Say, “My name is [not your real name]” or another false statement, allowing your partner to feel what false/harmful feels like.
  • Now that you have feel for true-beneficial/false-non-beneficial, you can muscle test for whatever you like. A relatively strong response means yes/true/beneficial, a relatively weak response the opposite.

Ways To Use Muscle Energy Testing

Here are ways to use energy testing. Once you get the hang of it you’ll think of lots more.

  • Find out if a food or supplement is good for you.
  • Answer yes or no questions.
  • Touch or think about particular places, people, scents or objects to discover how your energies are affected by them.
  • When faced with a choice, energy test as you visualize each alternative in turn.
  • Touch an area of the body, or an area associated with a specific organ, meridian or chakra to get feedback on its health and vitality.

How To Do Muscle Testing Solo

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Touch your thumb to the middle finger of each hand, interlocking them to form two linked rings.
  • Test by trying to pull your linked fingers apart at their weakest points (where your same-hand fingers meet). As with the partner version, a relatively strong response (you are unable to pull your fingers apart) means yes/true/beneficial. A relatively weak response (you are able to pull your fingers apart) means no/false/harmful.
  • Test for what is normal/beneficial/true. Say, “My name is [your real name]” or another true statement, allowing yourself to feel what “true/good” is like.
  • Test for what is abnormal/harmful/false. Say, “My name is [not your real name]” or another false statement, allowing yourself to feel what false/harmful feels like.
  • Now you can test yourself for whatever you like.

More Resources

Watching muscle energy testing being done is very helpful so I recommend you take a look at the video.

  • Donna Eden demonstrating energy testing.
  • More ways to energy test.

    Enjoy — it’s fun!

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