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Life After Death Communication:
An Energy Healing Teaching Story

When our loved ones pass on, it's natural to hope there's life after death, and to want to receive communication from them in the afterlife.

This was the case for one of my clients who I'll call Abby. Abby, who has powerful intuitive gifts, came in saying she was angry and couldn't figure out why. After we talked about it for a while, we were able to pinpoint the cause.

It was the anniversary week of her mother's death a couple of years prior. Abby realized she was angry because she'd expected to experience a lot of life-after-death contact and connection with her mom, and had not. She didn't understand it and felt very disappointed.

It was a breakthrough insight, and we decided to have that be the focus of our session, without any particular agenda except to allow her very human emotions room to breathe.

As we started, I invited Abby, if it felt right, to join me in inviting her mom's presence into our session. (I don't have any specific belief system about how that happens, but I'm open to it.)

While working at Abby's head, I encouraged her to let go of any beliefs she held about what contact from the plane of life after death would look like.

As I worked generally to balance and support Abby's energy system, I kept my intuitive "ears" open for any messages from Abby's mom. I had a slight sense that she was there, just a subtle intuition that she was present, and as I worked I received an intuitive prompting to do something in particular.

I waited for a while to sense whether the prompting had come from my own mind or from a different source. Deciding to move ahead with it, I had Abby place her hands over her heart chakra. Then I invited her to imagine (or sense) that her mother's hands were on top of hers. As she settled into this, the expression on her face changed, becoming softer and filled with deep emotion.

I suggested to her that connection to the subtle world, including life after death communications, can be delicate. That it does not have to be dramatic and intense (although it can be). That whether or not she had overt "messages" or signs from her mom, she was forever connected to her through her own heart chakra, which she could recognize as feelings and memories of love for and from her mother.

I encouraged Abby to thank her mom, and let her go if she needed to go. I immediately got a strong sense of a playful, loving presence and heard (in my intuitive ear) a voice say "I want to stay!" It was so light and happy, it made me laugh. I shared this with Abby, who joined me in laughing.

We finished the session and I left the room. When she emerged from the treatment room, Abby and I talked a bit about the experience, which she said had been powerful and healing for her. She was grateful for the direct experience of life after death, for her sense of reconnection with her mom, for the reminder that experiences with the subtle world can be….subtle, and for the realization that her connection with her mom was always there, inside her

Results From The Session

The session was powerful, and so were the results.

The next time she came in, Abby reported that the previous session had given her the clarity to see how down-hearted she'd become--so much so that she'd unconsciously been asking her mother to "come and get her."

She was feeling more motivated than she'd felt in a long time and was taking better care of her health. She was also getting more stuff done, including some things that she'd been putting off for quite a while. Best of all, her desire to live was back. "Now that I feel my mom is more with me," she said, "I don't need her to come and take me away."

The next time we met, Abby told me that she'd been able to take care of a long-deferred piece of personal business. She'd been dreading it, but she felt her mom's comforting presence throughout the experience and everything had  worked out in the best possible way.

The Lesson: Life After Death And More

In this story, the implications about life after death and communicating with loved ones in the afterlife are pretty cool, but there are some other lessons that can be gleaned from it as well.

  • First, tap into your intuition and follow it Don't try to do the energy healing entirely with your intellect and don't slavishly follow your training. (Not to disparage intellect or training; my point is to stay balanced.)
  • Second, don't go in to a session with preconceived notions of how it's going to go or what can be accomplished. That limits you. The more open you can be, the better.
  • Finally, although it can be a bit scary at first to allow yourself to "go with the flow," that's where the good stuff is.

Namaste, Nancy

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