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What’s Your Intuitive Style?

Learning about your unique intuitive style will help you both in your work with others and in your own personal life.

Your intuition is unique poster
But that can be easier said than done, especially if you believe that intuitive information should come to you in a particular way -- as words that pop into your ear, for example, or as visual images.

If you can free yourself from these limiting notions and accept that intuitive information comes to you in your own natural, unique style, it will help you open the doors to intuitive wisdom. Knowing your particular intuitive style, you can more easily recognize intuitive information when it appears.

And this wisdom can help you heal, stay well, grow emotionally and spiritually, and be of help to others.

Intuitive Styles

While intuition appears uniquely for each person, there are some common styles. Personally, I’ve observed the following:

  • visual: images, usually in the “mind’s eye” but sometimes in actual, physical vision
  • auditory: sounds, usually in the “mind’s ear” but sometimes in actual, physical hearing
  • smell/taste — knowing things based on subtle, often non-physical smell or taste (e.g., when you tell someone, “You smell good!” and they’re not wearing any scent)
  • empathic (emotions) — feeling or knowing the emotions of others
  • kinesthetic (physical body feelings) — receiving information as sensations in the body
  • ”just knowing” — receiving information without knowing how it got there — you just know something.
  • environmental — receiving intuitive information from the world around you, such as messages on billboards or the appearance of particular animals.

Most of us have natural preferences for one or two of these styles. None is better -- they're all of equal value.

How Do I Know What My Style Is?

So how do you know what your intuitive style is? Practice stillness so that you can perceive the small, delicate tendrils of intuitive knowing. Then pay attention. Notice how the intuitive information came to you. For example:

  • Do you “just know” that something is going to turn out alright? (Just knowing)
  • Do you get “gut feelings?” (Kinesthetic)
  • Do you have a “small, still voice” within that gives you information or advice? (Auditory)
  • Do you find that the appearance of a particular animal seem to correlate with specific circumstances or outcomes or communicate a particular message? (Environmental)
  • Do images appear in your mind’s eye that give you symbolic or actual information or advice?(Visual)
Have fun with this!

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