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The Case of the Injury That Held
Its Own Healing Force

An Energy Healing Case History

Recently a client came to me with an injury to her leg. The injury had stirred up terrible old fears from a past medical crisis, and she had really been suffering emotionally. She had been re-traumatized by the new injury. However, she was ready, she said, to face her fears.

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As I held my hand in her field over the injury, it seemed to draw a lot of energy. Then, surprising me, my hand felt propelled away from the injury and toward her head. My hand continued to feel slowly propelled slowly headward, stopping over the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras before being being drawn back down the other side of her body, toward her feet. My hand was stopped over her other leg, where she had experienced other major medical issues in the past. Finally my hand felt released from its guided path.

It was amazing—one of the strongest senses of having my hands directed by something outside of me that I've ever felt. What a powerful healing force!

After our session I told her about my experience, emphasizing her awe-inspiring self-healing power. It was my sense that her current leg injury—or perhaps her consciousness at the site of her leg injury— was mobilizing healing power not only for itself, but also for other parts of her body and energy field.

Even beyond that, and perhaps even more importantly, it was serving as a catalyst to bring old fears to the surface to be healed and to help her restore trust in her own body.

An Injury Or Illness Can Be Part Of The Healing

A beautiful, powerful experience. What I particularly liked about it was that the injury itself seemed to be the occasion for the healing, and even the source of the healing energy.

The Wisdom Of The Energy Field

This experience illustrates to me the wisdom of the energy field, including the body. It also demonstrates why we try to remain open rather than being directive as we do energy healings, and why we try to remain unattached to outcomes. I could never have imagined this scenario, let alone directed it to happen.

Each Session Is Unique

Finally, it illustrates how unique each session is. I’ve been doing this work for nearly 25 years and have never felt anything quite like that!

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